Song of the Day - 4/2/06

Doty's first...Discovered by the late Bradley Nowell from Sublime, and signed to his record label, Skunk Records, Slightly Stoopid is an intriguing fusion of reggae, ska, metal, punk, and dub. Coming out of Southern California, the band strives, like many others from SoCal, to capture the essence of the lifestyle found in that area in their music... and they do it well. Achieving a cult status among their fan base, they are known as the best college party band around, and although I have never been to one of their shows, I can see why through their music. Just a great all-around feel good band... I recommend you go out right now and buy their newest album, Closer to the Sun, because it is that good.

For the song of the day, I have decided to mix it up and choose one of the songs off of Slightly Stoopid's live acoustic album "Live and Direct." A recent obsession of mine, the song offers a balanced mix of intertwining razor-sharp guitar riffs and still maintains a totally relaxed feel... the album as a whole is incredible, and you can really feel the reggae roots. Just listen to the separate guitar parts perfectly blended in Cool Down, the first track off of the album:

Slightly Stoopid - "Cool Down"

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