Song Of The Day - 4/25/06

Okay... we all know who Third Eye Blind is, so I dont feel a need to say much about the band, besides that they have written quite a few really catchy tunes in past years... what you may not know about is the version of their song 'Slow Motion' that is NOT found on the album Blue... the version that may be one of the most eerie songs to listen to ever... the version with the REALLY messed up lyrics that cant be found on the album version.

'Slow Motion' has a lot of interesting aspects to it... what I find most intriguing is the blatantly romantic view of such gory imagery found in the song, its as if he looks fondly upon some of the most evil situations life has to offer. With lyrics like "two lines of coke i'd cut with draino; your nose starts to bleed... a most beautiful ruby red" I can't help but wonder to myself what the hell he was thinking when he wrote this song. The detached way in which he relates the scenes of the song to the listeners kind of creeps me out, but there is just something irresistable about it... trust me, its worth more than one listen... and you'll keep coming back after that.

Third Eye Blind - "Slow Motion"

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    Ive known about this song for years now but Im glad you are getting it to some people who may have never heard it before. Simplyt but TEB is amazing and so is this song. Twisted yet beautiful.  

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