Song of the Day - 9/25/06

So I was with some friends last night and we watched the movie Rushmore by Wes Anderson (who is a freaking genius filmmaker... Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Bottle Rocket... some of my faves of all time) starring Jason Schwartzman (above), and I realized that the soundtrack to this movie was absolutely phenomenal. Featuring some great old Cat Stevens and John Lennon tunes, the movies closes with the song Ooh La La by The Faces. This is a perfectly appropriate and poignant song for the ending of this film, and for life in general. I sat through all of the credits just listening to this great song, and I decided I would make it my first post in months. Enjoy... make sure to check out any Wes Anderson film you can, and if you are dissatisfied by them, you suck.

MP3: "The Faces - Ooh La La"

Buy the Soundtrack: Amazon

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