Song of the Day - 8/27/07

Thanks a lot to GvB for this gem.

Pseudosix is a great band from Portland. Surely a diamond-in-the-rough, Pseudosix have a wholly well conceived and greatly original sound. For everyone who's reading, this could very well be your new favorite band. Definitely reminds me of Wilco but with something fresh in the mix. A regional supergroup of sorts, Pseudosix is definitely a merger of many beautiful worlds. I can't wait to listen to this over and over. It's truly a band with personality. Since I've been out of the loop for a while, I feel particularly entitled to praising this band. No blogger bias.

I bet you want to hear what all the hubub's about, well you, my friend are in luck!
Stream Pseudosix' entire album here. It drops tomorrow!!

And some MP3's to keep your iPod cozy:
MP3: Pseudosix - "Enclave"
MP3: Pseudosix - "Under The Waves"
MP3: Pseudosix - "Treacherous Ways"

Bonus! Pseudosix - "Copout" (Non-Album Track Feat. Chris Funk)

oh... and you must hear "Apathy & Excess," but I'll let you get to that.

Buy Pseudosix' Pseudosix | MySpace

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