Pedro the Lion - Control

Pedro the Lion were an indie rock/slowcore band from Seattle, Washington, and, for twelve years, the main creative outlet of singer/songwriter David Bazan. Because of the biblical references in many of his songs, Pedro the Lion were seen by some to be a Christian band. Bazan and others did not consider the band to be as such.

"It would be easy to dismiss Control as a pompous, self-important failure were Bazan a vain and sanctimonious artist. But he's not-- he seems like a soft-spoken, thoughtful, nice-enough guy just like you and me. And while he may never make his own OK Computer or Soft Bulletin or whatever he set out to make with Control, I won't dock him points for trying."

I chose to feature this album for songs like "Penetration" or "Second Best" which show Bazan's amazing ability to make hooks and the most general subjects seem intimate. Truly a great album.

Pedro the Lion - "Control"

Here's David Bazan making alcoholic beverages...

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