New Sufjan Song! (and some live stuff)

Here it is: Majesty Snowbird. It is not a studio version, but for those hardcore Sufjan fans it won't matter at all. This is an epic song, 10 minutes, and it doesn't even feel like it's that long. The song is very majestic (as one would think). I don't know how he does's absolutely gorgeous. I'll listen to anything this man makes. I'm looking forward to anything he does ever.

Also, I have his live performance at the Triple Door. All of these songs are highly recommended. I wish I could see him live very badly. Please listen:

New Song!

MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Majesty Snowbird

Bonus MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter

Live! At the Triple Door
Casimir Pulaski Day
The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders
The Praire Fire That Wanders About
The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades
The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Song of the Day - 9/30/06

The Replacements broke up in 1991... that was sad. But the good of it is that Paul Westerberg began his solo career and has written some really amazing songs. After more than 10 years and 6 albums, 2 ep's and scoring the upcoming Open Season soundtrack, Westerberg has had a pretty awesome career.

Listening through 2004's Folker made me stumble on a song that I had almost forgotten about. One of my favorite Westerberg tunes, "Looking Up To Heaven," is poetry. A love song of sorts, but also just an optimistic and powerful song. It's sunny outside, do yourself a favor and take this one with you.

Have a great weekend everyone.

MP3: Paul Westerberg - "Looking Up To Heaven" from Folker (2004)

Buy Mr. Westerberg's Music: Amazon | iTunes

Bonus MP3: Paul Westerberg - "Let The Bad Times Roll" from Stereo (2002)
Bonus MP3: Paul Westerberg - "Love You In The Fall" from Open Season (2006)

Who loves Emily Haines? I love Emily Haines. And you should too. She is extraordinary. She is the front woman of Metric, one of the many superstars who contributes to Broken Social Scene, and most recently, solo artist. Known for her beautiful lilting melodies and her fragile beautiful voice, she adds a certain depth to Metric and Broken Social Scene that bring them up a level into indie rock legends. On her new solo album, she is more exposed than usual, most often only accompanied with a piano, a beat and occasional strings, yet her voice has never sounded better.

As a member of Broken Social Scene, she has sung some amazing songs, including my favorite BSS song, "Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl," off their breakthrough "You Forgot It In People."

As a member of Metric, she has released two albums officially (finished in 2001, their "debut" titled "Grow Up and Blow Away" was never released because of a conflict with their record label, however Last Gang Records recently purchased the rights and plan to release it in 2007.) In 2003, Metric released "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?" to much critical acclaim. Their most recent album, "Live It Out" was released last year, and has garnered them even more attention. Out of the three, I like "Grow Up and Blow Away" the best, so I think they will become even more popular upon its release next year.

Last week, Emily released a solo album, titled "Knives Don't Have Your Back," and it is more stripped down than anything she has done before. It features Sparklehorse's Scott Minor, members of Stars, Broken Social Scene and Metric. Emily said “When I was a little kid…I would creep downstairs to the piano and write rudimentary songs about imaginary places. I’m told the first song I ever wrote was a love song to a cranberry tree. I always used the mute pedal. I hated the idea of anybody hearing me. Everywhere I’ve lived while working with Metric, I’ve written songs on the piano and played them for no one. On the advice of a friend, I decided I’d better start recording them before they were forgotten. Four meandering years later I ended up with this collection of songs featuring a few of my favorite people, a group I call The Soft Skeleton.”

Although she released this solo album, she stated that her main priority is still Metric, and Broken Social Scene announced that they are going on hiatus after their fall tour, so we should expect either more Metric, or a Emily Haines solo tour. I would be content with any of it, and am driving five and a half hours to Ann Arbor in order to see BSS.

Pardon my banter, Emily Haines gets me excited.

MP3: Metric - Parkdale - Grow Up and Blow Away (2001)
MP3: Metric - Raw Sugar - Grow Up and Blow Away (2001)
MP3: Metric - Succexy - Old World Underground, Where Are You Know? (2003)
MP3: Metric - Monster Hospital - Live It Out (2005)

MP3: Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl - You Forgot It In People (2002)
MP3: Broken Social Scene - Swimmers - Broken Social Scene (2005)

MP3: Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton - Detective Daughter - Knives Don't Have Your Back (2006)
MP3: Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton - The Lottery - Knives Don't Have Your Back (2006)

Because I like watching Emily Haines, and because this music video is wierd, here is the music video for Monster Hospital.

Only Son

Everyone once in a while, I'll be surfing blogs and I'll find a song or an artist and I will say to myself "HOLY CRAP! This is damn good!" I would first like to thank Indie Muse for allowing me to listen to this wonderful music.

"Only Son is the music of NYC based songwriter Jack Dishel. He has spent the majority of 2006 on the road opening for both Regina Spektor and Adam Green on their many tours of Europe, the UK and the United States. He will be opening solo for Regina Spektor once again this fall on her US tour before returning to NYC to play shows with his full band. Before creating Only Son, Jack was the frontman of NYC band Stipplicon as well as lead guitarist for The Moldy Peaches."
(from his website)

Jack Dishel remind me a lot of Islands/The Unicorns and Electric President, with a little bit of Ben Folds mixed in there. There's a good combination of guitar and electronic elements. I recommend listening to it right now.

MP3: Only Son - Sleepyface (recommended)

MP3: Only Son - Long Live the Future

MP3: Only Son - Quiet Surrender

Buy his stuff please

A song best heard in the dark...

You know those nights when you sit down with your head phones on in the dark and a song plays that really just blows your mind? I had one of those last night courtesy of mellow, shoegazing, dream-pop wonders, Low.

Everybody talks about Low and I never listened. Now I am sure they are one of my favorites. I haven't really listened enough to give you a good review, but don't expect this to be the last Low post from me either, they rock... in the most mellow way possible.

Song of the Day (and Night) - 9/29/06
MP3: Low - "July" from Things We Lost In The Fire

Buy Low music: Amazon | iTunes

Bonus MP3: Low - "Starfire" from Secret Name
Bonus MP3: Low - "Sea" from I Could Live In Hope

Other Stuff: Oh... and it's a wonderful to learn about good music from your own blog... thanks Dave, Brendan and most importantly, DOTY.

Kill Them With Kindness

I have a confession, and I’m sure this won’t be very surprising. I can’t get enough of bands with girl singers. Recently, my insatiable appetite was fed when I found Polyvinyl’s new darlings Headlights. Headlights released an EP in 2005, and just released their first LP last week. They describe themselves as "Indie pop with a shoegazing aftertaste." They are based out of Champaign, Illinois, and are starting their tour in the Midwest, heading east, south, and back to the midwest (sorry west coast) and then crossing the Atlantic. World Tour baby. They have some songs up on their MySpace page that you can check out too. Do yourself a favor and enjoy Headlights. Then go see them at a tour date near you.

MP3: Headlights - Owl Eyes

MP3: Headlights - Hi-Ya!



The Postmarks

I can't say that I know much about The Postmarks, other than that the lead singer has a beautiful voice, and that I like listening to them. You can find more information about this Florida based band here. You can also listen to more songs on their MySpace. Maybe the Postal Service will do a remix! HAHAHA! are some MP3s...

MP3: The Postmarks - Goodbye

MP3: The Postmarks - Know Which Way The Wind Blows


The Glorious Revolution Part. 3

This is Brendan. Brendan is a good man. Brendan plays in an awesome band called The Four Hundred, who will be in a REAL STUDIO(!!!) next month. Brendan likes good music. Brendan used to blog on our Sister Site. Now Brendan blogs on this one.

Today, Brendan is going to start posting great music for all of you to hear and bring JP to the next level. If you could, welcome this man... because he's awesome.


Buy Brendan Nice Things: Korg | Candy | GIANT CHEESEBURGER
Be Brendan's Friend: MySpace

MP3: The Four Hundred - "Fiji (Demo)"

Song of the Day - 9/28/06

Lupe Fiasco is one of the best rappers in the mainstream today, no doubt about it. With a scene filled with 50 Cents and Chamillionaire's, it's really refreshing to hear someone who is not only rapping about real ambitions and skill, but someone who is self-concious as well.

Lupe's first real album just got released and if you're at all atuned to the buzz, he's made a pretty big impact on the blog circut. Food and Liquor, while suffering the same small imperfections that plague any debut, comes out extremely strong. If that wasn't enough, the album features vocals by Jill Scott, Gemeni and the always amazing Jay-Z as well as fantastic production by both The Neptunes and Kanye West.

I've gotten a lot of heat from all around because of my opinions on rap and all that, but I really don't see the pleasure in listening to someone rap about how much tacky looking "bling" they have in their teeth when they don't even deserve whatever little respect they are getting. Bring me more Talib Kweli, RJD2, MF Doom, Aceyalone, Jedi Mind Tricks, Cunninlynguists and of course, Lupe Fiasco.

MP3: Lupe Fiasco - "Daydreamin' (Feat. Jill Scott)"

Buy Food & Liquor: Amazon | iTunes
Stream the ENTIRE ALBUM on MySpace.

Here are some tracks (both new and RARE) from Mr. Fiasco.
Bonus MP3: Lupe Fiasco - "Kick, Push" The single
Bonus MP3: Lupe Fiasco - "The Instrumental (Feat. Jonah Matranga)"
Bonus MP3: Lupe Fiasco - "Pop, Pop" From the rare 12" Single
Bonus MP3: Lupe Fiasco - "Lu Myself" From Lupe the Jedi Mixtape (SICK FREESTYLE)

But Lupe's new album isn't all that great, though... the last track is a 12 minute shout-out to pretty much everyone this guy has ever met... it's terrible (every rapper has to do it... I think it's natural to them). Don't believe me? Check this out:
MP3: Lupe Fiasco - "Outro"

Live! Architecture In Helsinki

Last night I saw Architecture In Helsinki at Pearl St. in Northampton, MA. They are a very fun band to watch with all their bongos, drum pads, synths, and a trombone. The only real problem was that there were some technical difficulties. They fixed that problem by bringing people up on stage to tell jokes. Once they got everything fixed they were able to keep up the fun atmosphere they created. They played A LOT of new songs, and they didn't say what the names of any of them were. They haven't named their new album (which is due out early 2007), but look forward to it. I think they're going to have a lot to offer on their new work.

MP3: Architecture In Helsinki - Do the Whirlwind

MP3: Architecture In Helsinki - It's 5!

Mp3: Architecture In Helsinki - Maybe You Can Owe Me (my personal favorite song by them)


Amazon | iTunes

Isen Biter

Maybe it's because I'm half Swedish or maybe it's because they are really good or maybe it's both, but anyway I think I really like them. I think it's the perfect use of ba ba's and la la's. I think they are definitely worth a listen. They remind me a little bit of Oh No! Oh My! and a little bit of Sufjan as far as the rythmn and chord progressions go. Have a listen! Oh, I almost forgot. Thanks to Idolator for bringing them to my attention.

MP3: Isen Biter - What If The Sun Goes Down

MP3: Isen Biter - Insanity

Go to their MySpace

Fun Fact! Their name translated from Swedish means "Ice Bites."

Wayne Coyne = Awesome

Look at this article from Pitchfork. It explains everything.

Song of the Day - 9/26/06

People throw "Recommendations" around like they're nothing on the internet, but take my advice on this one.This past summer was a great summer for music. All the different music that I really had time to listen to gave me a great understanding for how much good music actually exists these days. For example, after reading about Lady & Bird back in July or so, they are one of my most recommended bands these days... they're amazing.

Their self-titled debut album was released on June 20th here in Los Estados Unidos and has gone almost unnoticed outside of the blogger's realm, they only have a thousand myspace friends... I know it's really lame, but even decent indie bands have thousands upon thousands and most aren't nearly as good as Lady & Bird. Their music is so pleasing to listen to, it puts me in a trance.

Their album is truly a special one. As their profile confirms, the album is "...certainly not aimed at the preschool set. Far from it. Lady & Bird tells the story of two curious, disembodied creatures who are stuck in the bodies of a pair of grownups."

That should sound really good to you. Please buy their album Lady & Bird (A Children's Story For Adults) if you ever get the chance. From the tragic "Suicide is Painless" to the infectious , indie trip-hop of "See Me Fall"... I RECOMMEND THESE SONGS IN THE MOST SERIOUS WAY.

MP3: Lady & Bird - "Suicide is Painless" (Totally Recommended!)
MP3: Lady & Bird - "See Me Fall" (Ridonkulously Recommended!)

Buy Their Album: Amazon | iTunes
Visit their MySpace for more info.

*Bonus* MP3: Lady & Bird - "Stephanie Says" (Velvet Underground Cover)
*Bonus* MP3: Lady & Bird - "Walk Real Slow"

Why I Like Ben Kweller

Today I bring a few Ben Kweller songs that establish why I think he is awesome. Besides for being just generally a good song writer and musician, these songs really did it for me. The first is the song "I Don't Know Why." This isn't the version off the album, this is an older, more acoustic version that I enjoy better than his new one. I listened to it just as much as I listened to Sha Sha (my favorite Ben Kweller album.) The next is his cover of "Ice Ice Baby." That's all I have to say about that. Finally, there is one from his new album, "Thirteen." It's just so beautiful and honest that it's hard not to feel something when you listen to it.

MP3: Ben Kweller - I Don't Know Why (Alternate, More Acoustic Version)

MP3: Ben Kweller - Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice Cover)

MP3: Ben Kweller - Thirteen

Bonus! Mp3!

MP3: Ben Kweller - Sundress (Acoustic)


Buy BK Stuff:
Amazon | iTunes

Guillemots: Awesome band... really hard to pronounce, though.

These guys are really cool. Everyone I ask about them seems to either think that they're totally great or just trying to be Coldplay (so wrong...). Personally, I feel like Guillemots have their own distinct sound and really just need to be given a chance. The great part about them is that the band doesn't just consist of old friends that like to jam, it's made of a multinational group with multinational musical backgrounds. When a classical pianist, a Canadian double-bassist, Scottish drummer and Brazilian guitarist join forces, the product can be, at worst, extremely interesting and at best (in this case) something moving.

Their latest release, Through the Window Pane as well as their upcoming Trains To Brazil (Released Sept. 11) were both released this year as an EP entitled From the Cliffs. If anything, these guys are ambitious, and that is one of the best qualities you could have in music today. Enjoy music by Guillemots here, and buy their albums too... because they are good.

MP3: Guillemots - "Made Up Love-Song #43"
MP3: Guillemots - "Trains to Brazil"

Buy Guillemots: Amazon | Fantastic Plastic

Bonus! MP3: Guillemots - "Who Left The Lights Off, Baby?"

Song of the Day - 9/25/06

So I was with some friends last night and we watched the movie Rushmore by Wes Anderson (who is a freaking genius filmmaker... Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Bottle Rocket... some of my faves of all time) starring Jason Schwartzman (above), and I realized that the soundtrack to this movie was absolutely phenomenal. Featuring some great old Cat Stevens and John Lennon tunes, the movies closes with the song Ooh La La by The Faces. This is a perfectly appropriate and poignant song for the ending of this film, and for life in general. I sat through all of the credits just listening to this great song, and I decided I would make it my first post in months. Enjoy... make sure to check out any Wes Anderson film you can, and if you are dissatisfied by them, you suck.

MP3: "The Faces - Ooh La La"

Buy the Soundtrack: Amazon

Andrew Bird - Fingerlings 3

Thank you to i guess i'm floating...

Andrew Bird will be releasing Fingerlings 3 sometime this fall. Hopefully that will tide me over until his new solo album, "Armchair Aprocrypha" comes out in spring 2007. If you can't wait at all, then you should listen to Um, Circles and Squares by Dosh that features Andrew Bird (Dosh is the dude Mr. Bird toured with this summer). Check out our post about him. Anyway, here's a track from it. You can also find it on his MySpace.

MP3: Andrew Bird - Scythian Empire (Highly Reccommended)

Song of the Day - 9/24/06

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I can't express my respect for the Flaming Lips. They always impress me. Always. There are so many emotions that can go through you while listening to their music. They provoke thoughts and sometimes paralyze me. This may sound like an over exaggeration, and maybe it is, but you should just listen to this song for yourself. I feel like this song could be a companion to "Do You Realize?" Once you listen, you'll understand.

We can't predict the future
Or is this the inevitable urge to try?
But we want to know the answers
To understand the infinitive of time

New Of Montreal

The album will be called "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destoyer?" and it will be coming out in January 2007. I've been listening to these songs for a little bit, and I enjoy them. Go ahead, listen to them! They won't bite

MP3: Of Montreal - We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling

MP3: Of Montreal - Suffer For Fashion

Information on the New Beck CD

I can't say I've ever been a big Beck fan. Don't get me wrong, I like his stuff, but sometimes I have a hard time getting into him. His new album "The Information" has changed that for me. I understand it now. This album has been in production for three years with the same guy who did Kid A, OK Computer, Sea Change, and Mutations. The album also has no set artwork because it will contain stickers where you can create your own. How cool is that?

Anyway, here are some tracks. Listen to them

MP3: Beck - Elevator Music

MP3: Beck - Strange Apparition

Get the album when it comes out, October 3rd


Song of the Day - 9/22/06

That's good a good press kit.

I never gave Mr. Meloy enough respect... I'll be honest. More and more I am realizing how important a vocal melody is to music. In that aspect, NO ONE is better than the Decemberists. There is a lot to be excited for on their new record. If you were one of the many who downloaded the leak of The Crane Wife, you're going to have to keep a lookout because as a result of the leak, the band has gone back to the studio to remaster the whole album.

In the meantime, here is one of my favorites from the upcoming The Crane Wife.

MP3: The Decemberists - "O Valencia!"

Preorder The Crane Wife

Bonus!MP3: The Decemberists - "Summersong"

Rogue Wave B-Sides

Rogue Wave has become one of my favorite bands. Two albums is not, however, enouh to hold me over. So today I'm going to give everyone some Rogue Wave B-Sides. This post did not just come out of nowhere, though. There was an article on Pitchfork about their drummer and how he needs a kidney transplant. You can read the article here. Ben Gibbard, Guster, Nada Surf and John Vanderslive will be putting on a benefit for him September 30th.


Rogue Wave - On A Plain (Nirvana Cover)

Rogue Wave - Manna

Rogue Wave - Eyes

Rogue Wave - March

Buy Rogue Wave Stuff

Amazon | iTunes

Autumn Mini Mix #1

It's about that time of the year and why not accompany it with some music that provides the soundtrack for the season? But enough with the small talk, all you really want are the songs. Here you go:

The Long Winters - It'll Be a Breeze

Nico - Fairest of the Seasons

Sufjan Stevens - Wolverine

Polaris - Waiting for October

(Who is Polaris? You may remember them from the soundtrack to the hit TV show the Adventures of Pete and Pete)

Bonus Mp3s

Polaris - Hey Sandy (AKA the theme for the Adventures of Pete and Pete)

Ben Gibbard - It'll Be a Breeze (The Long Winters Cover, Live)

Hey Just Pretend... could you be any farther behind the curve?

Sure. Check me out.
Here's a set by a band who released one album in 2004 and that's about it. Have you heard of the Postal Service yet? There's this one guy who's in another band thats from Seattle or something called Death Cab For Cutie and he's pretty interesting. I can see them becoming mildly popular in the underground. I hope you like it. Remember... it's The Postal Service. That's a stupid name, if you ask me.

The Postal Service - XFM Sessions


Holy shit.... this makes my day. A STUDIO COVER! I love this so fucking much. Ben Folds is so awesome... Turns out he brought in a few random drummers from Australia and just recorded this sort of spur of the moment... the video explains it better.

Watch this video and then download the track.

MP3: Ben Folds - "Such Great Heights" (Cover) Highly Recommended!!!

I am very excited for his new album, don't know about you.

Continuing in our new tradition of... this, here's another great set from the great live shows at KEXP.

Page France is one of my favorite bands of the past year (thanks to YANP) and have followed them so closely it's ridiculous. Michael Nau is one of the most interesting writers out there, in my opinion. His voice wraps around his great songs in a way that few can do and still seem serious. Enjoy this great set and be sure to take note of the interviews as well... it's worth it.

Page France - Live on KEXP (Full ZIP File)

Order their albums and the NEW Limited Double EP and support Fall Records.
Be Their Friend: MySpace

In other Michael Nau related news, YANP (My FAVORITE real music blog ever) has given us the lowdown on Broadway Hush, the adorable new side-project between Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw (who are both actually in Page France). Check out their cover of Gene Austin's "Tonight You Belong to Me."

Broadway Hush (via You Ain't No Picasso)

MP3: Page France - "Million Man, Money Hand"
Mp3: Page France - "Passengers Laughing"

Why Ben Folds should be the new God.

This is why.

Folds makes up songs on stage in real time and calls them "Rock This Bitch" if you didn't know.

Song of the Day - 9/19/06

My awesome new roommate just made me listen to Doolittle again and it just reminded me why I liked the Pixies so much. A soft verse and some loud chorus action is just what you need sometimes. I'm certainly not as familiar with these guys as he is, but I can see why they have some of the best fans ever. From songs like "Debaser" to the holiness that is "Hey," I just want to tell you all to BUY THIS ALBUM. It is crazy that I never listened to it in its entirety and now I might just get murdered for saying it...

The whole album is a journey through the minds of these true artists. I recommend it more than anything else today.

MP3: Pixies - "Hey" (AMAZING)
MP3: Pixies - "Debaser"
MP3: Pixies - "I Bleed"

Buy Doolittle: Amazon | iTunes

*Bonus MP3: Pixies - "Here Comes Your Man"
*Bonus MP3: Pixies - "Mr. Grieves"

Martin Dosh

You may have heard of Dosh because he has been touring with Andrew Bird this summer. He also has been working on Bird's new album and vice versa. When I saw Andrew Bird at Summerfest, he had Dosh with him and the new sound that he was making made me really psyched for his new album. I looked up Dosh online to see what kind of stuff he does and I really liked it. I have a song from Dosh's new album which features some of Andrew Bird's violin in there. It's pretty solid. You should listen to it.

Dosh - Um, Circles and Squares

Bonus Mp3s

Dosh - Simple Exercises (This song has been revamped to be on the new Andrew Bird album)

Andrew Bird (with Dosh) - Plasticities (Live at Bonnaroo)

Live! Mates of State

Tonight I saw Mates of State play in Northampton, MA. I thought that their show was nearly perfect. They played everything you'd want to hear (they even did the Like U Crazy/Crazy combo). They played David Bowie's "Starman" and the second to last song they played "These Days." I was hoping that they would play it and when they did, it made me feel very good. If you haven't listened to them yet, then do so, please. If you have the opportunity to see them live, then do so, please.

Mates of State - These Days (Jackson Browne/Nico Cover) (Highly Recommended)

Mates of State - Like U Crazy

Mates of State - Like U Crazy (Live with Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy")


Buy: Amazon | iTunes

Rainer Maria FREE at Boston University TONIGHT!

Look at me! Look at me! I'm the last person to ever tell you about Rainer Maria! Here I am, about four months after the curve...

Anyways... there's a free show at the George Sherman Union today for Rainer Maria at 8:30 pm. I don't know if it's limited to students only, but I've been to a few (Ben Lee, Matt Pond PA and so on) last year and it was excellent. Try to do what you can...

If I managed to introduce you to Rainer Maria just now... it's ok. They play on Polyvynil (ooooo!) Here are some tracks. Their new album Catastrophe Keeps Us Together is out now.

MP3: Rainer Maria - "Catastrophe" (recommended)
MP3: Rainer Maria - "Ears Ring"
MP3: Rainer Maria - "Keep It With Mine" (Bob Dylan Cover!)
MP3: Rainer Maria - "Breakfast of Champions"

Buy their stuff: Amazon | iTunes
Visit their website: | MySpace

Song of the Day - 9/14/06

This band consists of something like 20 people and is something of a "supergroup" from Georgia. That is really the bulk of what I know about the people. What I can tell you for certain is that this song is extremely happy and is made in such a way that you feel like part of the whole group of people who came together to make this record. Enjoy one song from the debut Universal Indians.

Despite how evil it may sound, it's really good... and drunk.

Dark Meat - "Angel of Meth"

The Polyphonic Spree

I think if I were a member of the Polyphonic Spree I would probably end up being happy for the rest of my life. I just recently got their first album and I'm upset at myself for not listening to them sooner. Whenever you're feeling down, all you have to do is listen to any song by them and it is almost a guarantee that you will be at least a little happier. Today I have two songs from the new Wait EP and some extra rarities from a bonus disc I got at a used music store. Please listen and have a happy day.

The Polyphonic Spree - Sonic Bloom (Tripping Daisy Cover aka Tim DeLaughter's other band)

The Polyphonic Spree - Lithium (Nirvana Cover)


The Polyphonic Spree - Soldier Girl (UK Version) (Highly Recommended Version)

The Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day (Orchestral Version) (Ditto)

Visit the Website

Buy: Amazon | iTunes

Insomniac Post

I didn't really sleep last night and whenever I can't sleep I always think of this Eels song. I know it's off the Shrek 2 soundtrack, but it's still a really good song. I think this one is very appropriate. I don't know why this song has stuck with me so well. It's very simple: a basic drum beat, distorted electric piano, and what sounds like a music box. It works very in describing the feeling of sleeplessness.

Eels - I Need Some Sleep

Only 7 more days...

Until the new Ben Kweller album!

Aren't you excited?

It actually came out in Europe yesterday...those lucky Europeans.
I got the acoustic version of Sundress off of iTunes, and I decided that I would share it with you. I almost enjoy this version better than the original. I like it more stripped down so you can notice the killer harmonies he does in this one.

Ben Kweller - Sundress (Acoustic)

Make sure to get the album when it comes out

Acoustic Versions

The Ben Kweller post got me listening to other acoustic versions of my favorite songs. Here are some good ones for your listening pleasure. I always enjoy it when bands do acoustic versions; it is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Also make sure to check out the Flaming Lips post to get an amazing acoustic version of "Do You Realize??"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Acoustic)

Ambulance Ltd - Heavy Lifting (Acoustic)

Rogue Wave - Every Moment (Acoustic)

Electric President

I really like this band. I like their sound, their use of reversing stuff, the combination of acoustic and electronica. There's not much else I can really say except that I want you to listen to these songs. They are fairly new; they came out in an EP at the end of June. In the blogging world this means that they came out nearly 12 years ago, but I like them too much to care about that.

Electric President - I'm Not the Lonely Son (I'm the Ghost)

Electric President - Wearing Influences On Our Sleeveless T-shirts

Electric President - Label My Mind Blown

Bonus MP3! (my personal favorite song by them)

Electric President - Grand Machine No. 12

Check out the website...

Then buy their album

Song of the Day - 9/11/06

So... I saw the Flaming Lips play the Bank of America Pavilion last night and I gotta say... wow. I saw them at Lollapalooza and the only thing I could think to make the concert better was if it was longer and at night... my wishes came true on September 10th, 2006.

They were beyond amazing. Wayne and Steve and the rest of the guys put on one hell of a fucking show. It was the best concert I've ever seen... honestly. If you haven't seen the Lips on this tour, do it. NOW!

Here is my most favorite song from the best album ever, The Soft Bulletin.

MP3: The Flaming Lips - "Waiting for Superman"

Buy The Flaming Lips' stuff: Amazon | iTunes
Visit their awesome website

Bonus MP3's!
The Flaming Lips - "Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear" (rare and HIGHLY recommended)
The Flaming Lips - "Mr. Ambulance Driver"
The Flaming Lips - "Do You Realize" (ACOUSTIC VERSION) (HIGHLY recommended!)

Matt Costa, anyone?

I really like Matt Costa. He's talented, witty and really not out to piss anyone off. He's a happy guy making happy music, and that's something that's in short supply these days. If you're one of the few who haven't heard his album, Songs We Sing, (which is on the equally loveable Brushfire Records) I would go out and get it.

If you haven't heard the California kid, this post is for you because you really need to hear his stuff. If you're a huge fan, this post is also for people like us. We heard the album and think that the only bad part about Mr. Costa is that he only has one album for us to drool over. Enjoy these B-sides... cuz this guy is gonna get some serious fame...

Some of these songs have appeared on some obscure ep's, others are just high quality demos.
Have a good one.

Song of the Day - 9/9/06

I heard about this one from Cox and I must say that it's growing on me. This is how the story goes, I think:

Before forming the band Semisonic, famous for the song "Closing Time," Dan Wilson and John Munson had a band called Trip Shakespeare. Putting out a demo, three albums and an EP between 1986 and 1992, the group began to gain credit on the college radio circut. Unfortunately, the band's original roster broke before too much critical acclaim began to surface. This song is from their last album entitled Lulu.

Mainly focused on the mellow and chill, Trip Shakespeare is a solid group of guys. I would urge you to go out and find the album if you can... but don't take my word for it... AMG says this:
"It is a rare instance in the music industry, major label or otherwise, to hear an album created by a group so obviously enchanted and inspired by each other, an album so loved and so toiled over that its contents continue to give indefinitely, an album so steeped in worshiping beauty that no amount of criticism-—positive or negative-—can mangle or tarnish its crystalline brilliance."

Trip Shakespeare - "If You Miss Me"

Buy the albums: Amazon | iTunes

James Mercer of The Shins plays SOLO! (EP/Set Installment #3)

Check yourself for this totally awesome live set by The Shins frontman, Mr. James Mercer. He recorded this live in a studio in front of a crowd of about three... so it's intimate. This awesome set shows Mercer playing acoustically. He plays Shins songs from both albums, and covers ranging from T-Rex to Neil Young to Pixies. I really want you all to enjoy this work of art from one of my favorite artists of all time.

This version of "Caring is Creepy" is totally cool. The clever use of harmonica and Mercer's signature inverse tonality makes this set one you shouldn't miss. Also, for a live boot, the quality is AMAZING...

James Mercer - Live, Solo and Acoustic (1/7/04) - Full Zip File

or get the MP3's
Bonus MP3: James Mercer - "Won Too Many Fights"

Honestly, this is one of my favorite recordings of all time. The intimacy, the beauty and the sheer flawlessness all contribute. You NEED to hear it. Take some time today and you'll understand.

Song of the Day - 9/7/06

The Envy Corps hail from Des Moines, Iowa. From what I hear, these guys never really got bigger than the initial college fan boom with only a few thousand fans... then came this song. Much of their earlier stuff sounded too much like an attempt to emulate someone else to actually solidify their abilities as musicians. Their newest release, I Will Write You Love Letters If You Ask Me To, is already making waves.

Upon my first listen, I was hooked on this song. It is a feel good anthem and I know you will dig it.

MP3: The Envy Corps - "Rhinemaidens"

Visit their site and buy their album... it's really good.

Bonus MP3: The Envy Corps - "Story Problem"

Postal Nervous? (It's the best I can do...)

Angry messages to us telling Just Pretend to "Stop misleading our readers," and how we write "Blogs full of lies," make me feel bad. But alas, I should tell all of you that the validity of the previously posted new Postal Service demo may not be true. Sup Pop denies it and nobody is really sure about it. All I know is that I like the song... whether or not it is the Postal Service.

If it is, wonderful... all you haters can silence yourself. If it isn't, then that's that. Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello and Miss Jenny Lewis are amazing nonetheless. It would be interesting, though, if someone used this as a marketing technique for their own music... although quite unethical, it would be kind of smart and cool... whatever...

MP3: (Not) The Postal Service - "The Importance of Being"

Read our Postal Service post on this.

or, even better:
Read the first post and then the follow-up on Good Weather For Airstrikes

I'm Not Afraid of You...

and I Will Beat Your Ass...

I've only listened to a few Yo La Tengo albums. I like what I hear, and this new album sounds really great. There was one track that really struck me. It reminds me of all these kids from my hometown who already want to go home from college when they've only been there for about 2 weeks. I suppose it's not really a bad thing to be homesick sometimes...but come on! are two tracks from the NEW ALBUM! I'm Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

Yo La Tengo - I Feel Like Going Home

Bonus MP3
Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough

Pre-Order the Album HERE

Feist at the NPR World Cafe (EP Installment #2)

After seeing Feist at Lollapalooza this summer, I am positive that she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. If you haven't heard Feist before (other than Mushaboom), I urge you to take some time and get to know her work. Her flawless vocal control as well as her other amazing musical abilities make her one of the most admired female artists in the "indie" scene today. There's just something about those Canadians...

This particular set is simple yet amazingly effective. The dialog gives a lot of insight to Feist and her musical process. Also, get lost in her voice... please.

Feist - NPR World Cafe (July 1, 2005) - Full Zip File

or Download the Individual Zip Files
Buy Feist's Music: Amazon | iTunes
Be Her Friend: Myspace

**ALSO: If anyone has a boot of the Lollapalooza show or at least her totally awesome loop/layer song, I would love to hear it. ( ) Thanks to all of you!

Song of the Day - 9/6/06

The foundation for Broken Social Scene was Charles Spearin and Kevin Drew a.k.a KC Accidental. The two released two AMAZING albums under that name. Their debut, Anthems for the Could've Bin Pills, is an album I consider to be one of the best instrumental works of our generation. If you haven't heard it, I recommend you find it right now. From the amazingly long brush stroke that is "Instrumental Died In The Bathtub And Took The Daydreams," to the 12-minute epic "Is And Of The," Anthems for the Could've Bin Pills is nothing short of a masterpiece.

This is an album that surely should be heard in it's entirety, and after much debate and concession, I will still obey the MP3 Blogger's Code... It's a sad thing too, because it is surely stronger and more effective as a whole album... alas, I don't want to alienate anyone who used to read this or reads now.

It's almost Friday; the week is almost over. Some of you have had your first week of classes, others have had yet another day at a job you hate. For everyone who stresses about the unpredictability of the future... this is for you.

MP3: KC Accidental - "Is And Of The"

Buy KC Accidental: Amazon | iTunes


MP3: KC Accidental - "Residential Love Song"
MP3: KC Accidental - "Instrumental Died In The Bathtub And Took The Daydreams"
MP3: Broken Social Scene - "KC Accidental"


Thank you very much Good Weather for Airstrikes!

He explains how the new album will work among Jimmy, Ben, and Jenny (Lewis). It sounds like this is going to be really cool. Also the new song "The Importance of Being" is something to check out. Even though Gibbard is not on vocals (Jimmy is), it shows that the Postal Service still know what they're doing. The new album won't come out until January, but hopefully a few more songs will be leaked out before then to satisfy your laptop pop hunger.

The Postal Service - The Importance of Being

Somg of the Day - 9/5/06

Sorry to be sporatic and short lately, but school is just getting under way... give me a second. This song today is off of what is sure to be "indie-tastic," the follow up to the Garden State soundtrack is the OST for Mr. Braff's newest film, The Last Kiss.

Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk (From Snow Day! Do you remember that movie?) sing an amazing song entitled "Paperweight." This song not only has a melody and hook that get stuck in your head incessantly, but it also gives me faith in the new generation of singer-songwriters. This song is really good. Good vocal work. Good instrumentation. Good harmony. Good Subject Matter. I recommend it.

Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk - "Paperweight" from The Last Kiss OST.

Buy it now!

Tell your friends that we're back...

... and better than ever!

After a musically diverse summer, we're ready to take on with the blog. Expect multiple posts every day! And in honor of our triumphant return, I'll be dropping some albums and EP's off on posts. All you have to do is spread the word about Just Pretend.

You will be hansomely rewarded.

Today I have a great live set by a small Seattle outfit known as Death Cab For Cutie from The Studio X Sessions. There are some great tracks here, such as a version of "Bend to Squares" as well as an amazing version of "Blacking out the Friction." ENJOY!

Death Cab For Cutie - Live at Studio X (Super Recommended!)

1. "The New Year"
2. "Blacking Out The Friction"
3. "Bend To Squares"
4. "Army Corps of Architects

MP3's: Studio X Sessions

One Big Holiday with My Morning Jacket

It's time to return from our midwestern escape to the east coast and actually talk to people. This summer, however, has been an amazing one. Seeing shows like The Flaming Lips, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wilco and also the smaller ones like Margot and the Nuclear So So's, Andrew Bird and The Four Hundred has given me a much better understanding of the art of the live show... and nobody knows how to put on a show better than My Morning Jacket.

After seeing them not once, not twice, but THREE times this summer, I can safely call these guys one of my favorite bands. During the summer, there was no better satisfaction than driving with the windows down and this song playing. Enjoy it on your last few days of this holiday!

MP3: My Morning Jacket - "One Big Holiday" from It Still Moves

Song of the Day - 9/1/06

We are back, and although I will never sway from my oath to Indie Music, I need to do this:
Justin Timberlake can dance. He may not be the next OK Go, but honestly, if "Sexyback" doesn't get your foot tapping, you may be dead... or Amish... and even then...

Anyways, his new album Futuresex/Lovesounds (Worst. Name. Evar.) is brilliantly produced, and it's all thanks to beat-genius Timbaland... and that is who this post is about. While Jay-Tee has got the moves, it's Timbaland who makes all the difference.

For all of you rap-hating (and also incedentally dairy-intolerant) luddites, Timbaland is one of the most important names in the world of rap and hip-hop music since the 90's. Timbaland create beats that stray far from the ordinary and still feel foundational in music. Unlike TONS of terrible "artists" in the rap world, Timbaland actually makes an instrument out of a sampler.

Supplying artists all the way from Nelly Furtado to Missy Elliot with beats that make you want to be a "Promiscuous Girl" and a "One-Minute Man" respectfully, Timbaland has never worn out his stay.

Timberlake's new album quite a few notable tracks from Timba', especially a track entitled "My Love" which features T.I. It's a slow jam worked out upwards of 300 bpm that gives a totally chill vibe while still keeping your head bobbing. Take a listen to your song of the day:

MP3: Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. - "My Love" (Produced by Timbaland)

And honestly, give the album a listen, because it's actually quite good for what it wants to be.

WOXY Calls It Quits...

"This sucks..." reads the opening line to's farewell address.

I'm sure that I am not the only one who is sad to see this go either. WOXY, one of the few internet radio stations with a real commitment to spreading the word on good, new, indie music, is going to have its final broadcast on September 15th.

So, in the next few days, you should all take a little trip to and listen to some good music.

"Sometimes no matter how hard you try and how special the thing you do, it simply isn’t enough to beat the odds. It’s the cold reality of business that not even we could escape. When September 15th comes, we’ll meet it proudly with heads held high and celebrate the past two years of and the spirit of 97X. For those lucky enough to have been part of it, The Future of Rock and Roll will forever be in our minds and hearts.

So enjoy these last two weeks with us. Shall we rock?"

please visit

MP3: Moby - "Porcelain"

Mp3: Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Tear"

Mp3: The Subways - "No Goodbyes"

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