Song of the Day - 4/8/06

Today, I'm gonna put up an ep instead of a song. I was about to put Death Cab's latest single, "Crooked Teeth," as the song of the day, but you already have that, I'm sure... the new Crooked Teeth EP has two unreleased songs in addition to "Crooked Teeth." First is the single. "Crooked Teeth" is the song that tied together their latest album and lyrically is equally as pleasing as all of Ben Gibbard's other endevours. Track 2 is an unreleased song called "Talking Like Turnstiles." It's a little bit of an experimentation for the group, but they come away with a sound that resembles more of their older stuff. The final track is a bonus called "World Shut Your Mouth." It's a happy song and probably my favorite right now, just because I was dying for some new Death Cab... I know we all are...

Death Cab For Cute - "Crooked Teeth EP"

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  1. # Blogger kevin

    I downloaded this zip file, but it only contained "Crooked Teeth", no b-sides. I still love this song, though....  

  2. # Blogger brownpower


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Don't know if you know this but 'World Shut Your Mouth' is a Julian Cope cover. It appears on his 'Saint Julian' LP. DCFC do a pretty straight rendition of it! Not bad at all!  

  4. # Blogger ## PsYcHoSis ##

    Hey mr. brown sugar,

    I was in a vacation and i returned today. When i opened my blog, I saw ur comment.

    I didnt rip it shamelessly.

    I just took em and plced in the blog for making it more informative.

    Ur comment hurt me.

    I'll never blog frm now on !!

    bye !!  

  5. # Blogger brownpower

    lol, truth be told... just kidding.  

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