Just Pretend

I just wanted to post to tell everyone about the name of the blog. As you should know, I'm one of the biggest Ben Folds fans I ever (along with David Nyman). I'm kind of a big deal. I named this site after a really great song by The Bens (Folds, Kweller, Lee) called "Just Pretend." Yeah, I know... it's like rocket science...

An interesting story about this one is that Doty, Davis, Nyman and I tried to record this song once and it sounded something like a yak (I've never really heard a Yak, but I assume that they sounded similar). I guess that's not really an interesting story, but it is a story. So... chew on that.

Just click the link to download the song, I hope you enjoy
The Bens - "Just Pretend"

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