"I’d rather hang around with my best friend if she wants me..."

Belle & Sebastian are amazing... that said, today's song is "If She Wants Me" by those British indie rockers. From their critically acclaimed and most popular album Dear Catastrophe Waitress, "If She Wants Me" fits the signature profile of Belle & Sebastian's feel-good style. With classic, sunshine pop melodies with intricate and passionate lyrics, this song made it onto the blog as it was brought up by a good friend of mind who found the subject matter pretty befitting of his own life. I took a closer inspection and it made me realize why Belle & Sebasitan are one of the best bands of the generation. Their ability to transgress their own genre while constantly reshaping is an ability that seldom bands possess, and B&S have it... be sure to come back later, when i get to school, i will definitely put up more of their albums (Baby Borderline has the new one[Scroll Down] and a live one up now). But for now:
Belle & Sebastian - "If She Wants Me"

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