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"The "dictionary definitions" below represent some of the ways we've heard people try to describe our music, and show some pretty good reasons why someone once said simply - "listen to the music." It's hard for us as the Doobie Brothers to define our music, and as a matter of fact one of the things that has kept the band going through the years is an approach that isn't self-limited stylistically.

Doobie Brothers n. ['Hind. dub; Sans. durva, a kind of pasture grass; L. frater; G. bruder, Sans. bhratar; AS. brothor, male sibling']

1. Music group known for blues based songs with a rock edge, often with lush vocal harmonies (see also rock 'n' soul).
2. Assemblage of musicians specializing in country based rock featuring instrumentation such as violin and finger-picked acoustic guitar combined with electrical instruments and drums.
3. Musical entity recognized for incorporating sophisticated jazz stylings into "popular hit" songs.
4. "Rock" band, origins circa 1970, with reputation for exciting live performances and skillful musicianship."

Not many people share my love for the smooth music of the Doobie Brothers, but I believe that's because most don't give them a chance. After listening to this greatest hits album, you will understand why the Doobie Brothers have such a cult following and why they are the most "feel good" artists ever. They're way before my time, but that doesn't change a damn thing for me.

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The Doobie Brothers - "Listen to the Music: The Very Best of the Doobie Brothers" (Album) LINK FIXED

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    great posts.

    Looking for another request...

    Calexico - convict pool...

    any luck?  

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    hold on...  

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    wow... its tought to find that... it doesnt seem to be anywhere  

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