Song of the Day - 4/9/06

Owen is Mike Kinsella. For almost a decade, Kinsella has been known for his important role in some of Chicago's most revered bands: Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls, and American Football. After having opened up for Rainer Maria on tour, Kinsella returned home from his time on the road with an album's worth of material. With tales of lost love and heartbreak, and utilizing his own home studio and an acoustic guitar, Mike Kinsella started recording songs and in 2001 released his self-titled debut on Polyvinyl Records. Received well by critics and fans alike, the younger Kinsella returned with his sophomore release for Polyvinyl in 2002, entitled No Good For No One Now, a collection of seven songs that combine the intricate beauty of his self-titled debut with more stinging indictments of broken hearts and broken souls which only a Kinsella could fashion. (Amg)

This is another song I got turned onto by Pandora FM. It's great and reminds me of The Album Leaf and Ambulance Ltd. a little. Great production and timing make this song... Song of the Day.

Owen - "That Mouth"

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  1. # Blogger eli

    any chance of hearing the whole album? thanks.  

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