Exciting new Ben Folds news! + RARE TRACKS!

I thought I would come back from my reclusion to relay this message FROM BEN FOLDS that appeared on BenFolds.Org this morning. Check it out... for Folds fans, this is very special news.

Visit the .Org for the full letter. In my opinion, it's worth the read. Link: Ben Folds Letter on .Org

"... anyway, i'll be in the studio in october. i've got bits and pieces of songs, as i usually do by this time. and i just bought an assload of cheap synthesizers on ebay. i'm not sure i'll use them. haha. maybe the whole thing will be that. who the fuck knows... mainly, i'm just inspired right now. sometimes i feel there's nothing going on in the music world that means much for me... and those times it's harder to make music. but right now, there's a lot of great stuff going on and it makes me want to toss in my two cents worth and make an album. 'silverman' was about being relaxed, letting the songs do the work. a not needy kind of approach. i feel like blowing shit up in the studio at the moment, so i can't promise that the next album will make any sense at all as an extension of 'songs for silverman'. i will likely toy with bringing in 100 piece singing groups, to songs with only piano, or only piano except it's 8 pianos at once, my cheap synths...
whatever excites me to hear. and i've got a list of favorite musicians i want to work with which i will likely exhaust. hopefully sometime by the end of the winter i'll be making sense of mess i've created.

speaking of neediness in music or lack thereof... amanda of the dresden dolls, my new favorite band of all time, mentioned that she felt many people thought their music was TOO needy. hmmm... i told her to give me a list of who these people are and i will fly to their homes with a sharpie and draw dicks on their bathroom walls. see, after years of touring, i never succumbed that particular touring pastime . i never drew dicks on walls. but last year, i had to try it. i drew a dick on a brand new clean white dressing room wall. and you know what, it felt good. so i want to draw more, and amanda will hopefully tell me who's houses to go to. feel free to leave a message with your address if you have any criticism of the dresden doll's music at all. and i will come draw a dick on your wall.
same goes for anyone who doesn't like the streets new record. or anything sufjan stevens does. there are a few others, who if you have a problem with, will draw the fiery wrath of my sharpie.... anyway, the dresden dolls will be making a few appearances with me in australia with the orchestras. if you comment with something nice about my favorite music, then i will draw a small child looking in wonderment at a beautiful butterfly (with a big dick)...

over and out.

Here's the link for the Ben Folds .Org letter again. http://www.benfolds.org/forum/51526

Long story short, Ben is going to be really busy. In the next year or so, expect the re-released and re-mastered "EP Package," a new album(!!!) with more experimentation, a possible live album and new tour dates. In my opinion, the other most noteworthy part of Ben's letter was his excitement to collaborate and vibe off of more contemporary artists.

For those of you who loved Silverman, get ready for a change that may be welcome for some other fans. I sure as hell am ready to see where Mr. Ben takes his music and the industry as well. It's glorious news.

Rock on.

Here are some rare Folds tracks. ENJOY>>

Ben Folds - Situation - From 1990 Demo Tape

Ben Folds Five - Honey Don't (Carl Perkins Cover) - Super-Rare!!

Ben Folds - Slow Jam '98
- From Fear of Pop

Ben Folds - Leather Jacket - B-Side from Rockin' The Suburbs

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