Just Pretend... we were a blog.

Hey everybody. This is just a small note to our readers that Just Pretend will be on "indefinite hiatus." Yes, like Rivers Cuomo and Weezer we are calling it quits for now. Mostly because of lack of readership and a slew of terrible EZArchive related obstacles, we're gonna take some time, figure things out and hopefully we'll be back to help you out with your music related needs even to some small extent. We might post every once in a while. When we're back, we'll be better than ever, I promise.

Thanks to everyone who actually read our entries and even more to those who commented. Thanks to Doty, Nyman and Brendan for coming in to chill and write when I needed it. Thanks to Wendy and The Toolshed for all the help. Thanks to Vincent for helping us get started. Thanks to IndieMuse for the rest of it.

Here's a link to the soon-to-be-great blog, The Rushmore Files.

Hope to see y'all soon. I'll be playing Mario Tennis...

14 Responses to “Just Pretend... we were a blog.”

  1. # Anonymous Seymour

    Loved the blog and I hope to see you guys back soon!  

  2. # Blogger wendyo

    bummer dude! let me know when you decide to come back.  

  3. # Anonymous Andrew

    Thanks for being a great blog! You were always on the top of my list of blogs to check! Enjoy your Mario Tennis. If you lived in Iowa I would so invite you to play Mario Party 2 or maybe some Dr. Mario 64 with me.  

  4. # Anonymous Sammy

    Sorry to see this blog go!  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    thatds a shame!! this is such a great blog, i admire oyur dedication to the good music! greeting from chihuahua mexico

    good luck!!  

  6. # Blogger Aerotones

    i live in iowa, andrew.  

  7. # Blogger EverRev

    So sad.
    You had a great blog.
    I hope you're back soon.
    Thanks for all the great music.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Too bad!
    Hope you will be back soon.
    I found some great music on
    your blog.


  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'll be missing you.
    I found a lot of great music on you blog and I loved your entries...
    Thanks for all.
    Wishing to see you soon, kisses.


  10. # Anonymous Andrew

    sweet, aerotones.... you don't happen to go to ISU?  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous


  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    not this anything but this  

  13. # Anonymous Zoark

    *sniff* sad to see you go :(  

  14. # Blogger brownpower

    We're back!  

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