Song of the Day - 8/25/07

First off, that's some nice work from Virtual Hitman Designs.

Alright, so it's been a while, but I'm gonna try to jump back into this...
since I've missed a few days here and there I'm gonna give ya a little mini-mix.
We're not trying to make up for lost ground here so I'm just jumping in.

This past week has been all about Rogue Wave for me. Their upcoming album, Asleep at Heaven's Gate, has been on serious repeat. Just when you though they couldn't get better... really... they hit you with something so eclectic and cohesive you can't help but be drawn toward it. I was worried how the shift from classic indie label, Sub Pop, to Jack Johnson's Brushfire but I'm glad to say the band sounds as courageous and spontaneous as ever. Clap hands for one of my all-time favorite bands.

Rogue Wave - "Phonytown" from Asleep At Heaven's Gate |Preorder: Amazon| 9/18/07
- Grab an exclusive ep and their new single on iTunes.

The Yellow Stereo has some more.

Bonus Killer Songs Mini Mix, hopefully there's something for everyone:
  1. Jesca Hoop - "Intelligentactile 101" from Kismet |Preorder: Amazon| 9/18/07
  2. The Octopus Project - "I Saw The Bright Shinies" from Hello, Avalanche |Buy: Store|
  3. Jens Lekman - "Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo" from Night Falls Over Kortedala |Preorder: Store| 10/9/07
  4. Stars - "Take Me To The Riot" from In Our Bedroom After The War |Preorder: Amazon| 9/25/07
Well, I'm trying this out with Mediafire, I hope it works out... tell me how I do.

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