Ben Folds STUDIO: B-Sides, Singles and Rarities

These songs were either cut from albums, released as singles or just happened to be floating around somewhere. These are all studio or professional recordings, I'll put out a live compilation in a few minutes.

1. Bitches Ain't Shit
2. Eddie Walker (live single)
3. Red Is Blue (Hoodwinked OST)
4. Golden Slumbers (I Am Sam OST)
5. Leather Jacket
6. Hiro Song
7. One Down (acoustic)
8. The Secret Life of Morgan Davis
9. Make Me Mommy
10. Girl
11. Landed (Strings Version)
12. Doctor My Eyes (Banger Sisters OST)
13. Careless Whisper
14. All Shook Up

Ben Folds - "Studio: B-sides, Singles and Rarities"

2 Responses to “Ben Folds STUDIO: B-Sides, Singles and Rarities”

  1. # Anonymous

    just thought i'd let you know, the version of red is blue is still encrypted with itunes :(
    if you have an older version of itunes, you can use a program called JHymn to remove the encryption, and there are other ways as well, but as of right now it's not playable for anyone else.  

  2. # Anonymous

    These are some really hard to come by songs. Any chance the .zip can be torrented? I'd seed it, if you'd rather not.  

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