Broken Social Scene - "You Forgot It In People" (Album)

Since the release of Feel Good Lost, Toronto music collective Broken Social Scene became a bit more collective, swelling from two members to ten (plus guests). As you'd expect with such a dramatic rise in membership, there's a lot more variety this time out -- the first two tracks are a case in point, in fact: the first track is a fairly airy instrumental number with a Mark Isham-like feel, but track two slams it off the rails with a driving beat and wailing guitars. Main members Brendan Canning and Kevin Drew even sing this time around (on "Cause = Time" Drew sounds almost like J Mascis); Leslie Feist and Emily Haines take their turns on other tracks. According to one of the members of this incarnation of the group, trying to not "who did what" on this album would be almost an entire review in itself, as everyone took turns playing different instruments on different tracks and the whole thing was built from the ground up in a very collective fashion. Although listeners who found the first Broken Social Scene release a nice ambient pop treat may be put off by this one's all-over-the-map approach, it's certainly a much more accessible release overall and there's bound to be something in here that you'll enjoy.

AMG Score: 4.5/5
Pitchfork Score: 9.2/10

Broken Social Scene - "You Forgot It In People" (Album)

... and heres the crazy ass video for "Cause=Time"

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  1. # Blogger Brendan

    shit man, this album rocks. i was supposed to see these guys open for modest mouse the first time i saw them, but lollapalooza was cancelled that year. it's all about kc accidental... sweet ass song.  

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