The Glorious Revolution

Just Pretend has undergone a change today. After my four day hiatus I realized that something needs to be done about the music on this blog. There is so much great music out there that I know I can't do it by myself, I needed a partner... David Nyman. You may remember him from a few posts back when I had his cover of "Transatlanticism." Nyman was the greatest force in my musical life and now, with the success of the blog, he has agreed to co-blog.

While I continue with Song of the Day, Daily Featured Albums and The Roundup, Nyman will introduce his picks and new music to turn you onto more great stuff and round off your already stunning collection. Just Pretend is growing. With us and our sister site (The Poor Place) get ready, cuz life is about to get better....

4 Responses to “The Glorious Revolution”

  1. # Blogger John Kenneth Cox

    double your pleasure double your fun. Just Pretend....... Now with %100 more white guy!  

  2. # Blogger brownpower

    you know it! I'm down with the swirl...  

  3. # Blogger Brendan

    i love being your sister site. i love it.  

  4. # Blogger brownpower

    lol, i was wondering if you would read that shit...  

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