Song of the Day - 4/27/06

Ok then! I am back, word to everyone who is comin back... ha... ha... Today's song of the day is one of the first songs that I was really turned on to by The Music Genome Project at I started "Sun Kil Moon Radio" a few days ago and this song came on about an hour into the project.
Born in the small gold rush town of Oakdale, CA & home schooled into his teens left Brett Dennen plenty of room to explore a wealth of artistic tendencies. Without a mold to conform to, or a classroom full of peers to be compared with, he developed a compelling natural voice. His instinctive ability on multiple instruments freed him to create the intricately groovin' guitar style he's fast becoming known for. That, and a charming, unpretentious nature enchants and captivates listeners whenever Brett performs.

Brett Dennen - "Desert Sunrise"

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