The Fiery Furnaces+ Gasoline by: John Kenneth Cox

This is a comment from a while ago... but I feel like it deserves a spotlight:

" ok,, to be honest.. That song Benton Harbor Blues song by The Fiery Furnaces had a strange effect on me.

There is a town on ... called nevers. new nevers new nevers. nothing every wtf?
and then later on the album they do it again with freaky reverse recordings of their voices, yeah that makes me want to run around and set the apt. on fire.

OMG. It is just like taking in a good whiff of gasoline while you are filling up your tank. You know that they smell is killing your braincells but there is something about the smell that makes you smell it again and again.

thats my take on the fiery furnaces. its like smelling gasoline." - John Cox

The Fiery Furnaces - "EP"
The Fiery Furnaces - "Bitter Tea"

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  1. # Anonymous megsuma

    There's a town not known called Nevers, no Nevers, and never was it what what it was.

    Yes, much like gasoline.  

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