Song of the Day - 4/10/06

"Binary Star is an underground duo based out of Pontiac, MI. The two artists (Senim Silla and the Anonymous) met while in high school and released their first independent full-length production in 1999, the album was entitled Water World, a reference to their home of Michigan. After changing to Subterraneous Records, they re-released Water World in November of 2000, by remixing the whole album and renaming it Masters of the Universe. It is their first nationally distributed LP."

Binary Star - "Masters of the Universe" (Track)

*If you guys dig this, then I'll put the whole album up!

5 Responses to “Song of the Day - 4/10/06”

  1. # Anonymous Eric

    Please Post. I love this album, I had it back in the day but the last 4-5 tracks wouldn't play due to a defect in manufacturing. I'll be checking back daily. Thanks  

  2. # Blogger brownpower

    no doubt, friend... expect it within the week.  

  3. # Blogger Cameron

    i second that request. i have 3 of their songs and theyre all amazing  

  4. # Blogger brownpower

    wait... are you requesting that I post the whole album? you confuse me cameron... way too much.  

  5. # Blogger Ivan

    This album is good shit.
    Ivan from Norway.  

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