Fuck. The. Killers.

You know, anyone who has the nerve to say he's better than Thom Yorke is an idiot. Anyone who has the nerve to say he's better than Thom Yorke in Blender is a fucking jackass. Enter Brandon Flowers, the pompous, arrogant jackass who claims his newest album, Sam's Town, is "one of the best albums in the past 20 years."

I was drawn into this article because on the cover of the newest Blender was the subhead "Radiohead (So Over)," just underneath the title "The Killers." I had to read. Now that I have, I can safely say that The Killers (and moreover their frontman, Flowers) can take Sam's Town and shove it up their/his asses/ass.

"I love Sam's Town. I don't regret saying that. I'd put it up against OK Computer. I'd put it up against Achtung Baby. It's what I'm here for: Thom Yorke's not gonna make another OK Computer; he's making a bunch of noise," says Flowers. At this point, I am furious. Whether you think The Eraser is good or not, nobody--NOBODY-- will ever regard the Killers the way they do Radiohead.

I don't often find the need to post my own personal feelings about bands or impose my feelings, but I really need to say that this may be a man more arrogant than anyone I've heard of in music in a good long while. I really enjoyed Hot Fuss, really. I think it's a decent album. It doesn't demand much and to be honest, it's pretty catchy. There's nothing wrong with that. When I heard Sam's Town, all I could think was "Meh... it's a lesser remake of their first album..." and here's Brandon Flowers saying that musicians suck when they're making a bunch of records that sound the same... Dumbass. Even more, The Killers success brought about a slew of bands that sound just like them, for example, The Bravery, who I would almost prefer listening to than Sam's Town.

The article, though, wasn't exactly singing Flowers' praises. In fact, by the end, it really makes these guys seem like they just think that they're hot shit. I'm sorry if I offended anyone here, but I just need to say that when a band warrants their attitude with true greatness, it can be appreciated. But after only one successful album and in the dawn of what could really just blow up in their faces, Killers have no right to say "[The Killers] are up there with anyone now. Anyone."

Listen guys... if you want to say you're the best band out there... don't let Evanescence show you up... that's all.

For more info, just take a look at a dossier of all the stupid shit The Killers actually do and say courtesy of good ol' Idolator. And for the record, Tom Delonge is way cooler than Flowers.

Just for fun, here's a solid list of entries that comes up when you type "The Killers Suck" into Google.

Finally, I just want to say, this really isn't about the actual music, but rather the way these musicians see themselves. Arrogant, assinine and jaded, the way they regard themselves makes me sick. Say what you want, but I won't give you my 2 cents...

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yeah, Flowers made a lot of enemies with that cover. But they're not gonna last. Someone someday will hum a snatch of "Somebody Told Me" and muse, "Now who was that band that sang that song?" and no one will remember. And hopefully I'll be there to smirk about it. --zara h.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    And where the hell is Radiohead now? Oh yeah, nowhere to be seen. The Killers are an up and rising band with a new wave feel to their music. I for one have enjoyed their albums. So in the end double your dosage jerk and get over it!  

  3. # Blogger brownpower

    hahaha, to each his own... granted this one's own (Above) is wrong... so wrong.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    you know what the great thing about Radiohead is? They don't have to try to get attention to be seen, everyone knows they are there. Until The Killers have a fanbase as immense as Radiohead and have released that many critically acclaimed albums can they start to talk, end of story.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    um, where is radiohead, you ask?
    Well, if that is supposed to imlply they have fallen off the face of the musical planet, you have fallen off the musical planet.
    After a very good last album, you don't hear as much about them because they actually have to go and write a new album, which can take a while. But I've heard some of their new songs live and trust me, when the new album is released you will definetly know where Radiohead is(search 'new radiohead songs' on youtube and pay particular attention to '15 step').The news songs have really revitalized their sound and subtly reinvented the band. The only reinvention the killers have made is from a decent 80's new-wave rip-off band into a manufactured anthemic U2 wannabe who's heads have gotten to big(read any credible review of sam's town to back this up). We all expect frontmen to be arrogent pricks, but really, you set yourelf up for looking like a real idiot when you critisize Thom Yorke.  

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