Song of the Day - 10/17/06

Hello all. I just visited Insound's "Save The Album" website and was intrigued by all the different insight these artists have on their favorite albums. My favorites are John Darnielle and of course, Colin Meloy.

Mr. Meloy talks about The Pogues, who, now that I draw the comparison, seem kind of like a minimalist predecessor to The Decemberists. Only lacking Meloy's signature voice, the Pogues also tell stories with vibrant language, smart song structure and clever melodies... also, they're totally Irish. With Shane MacGowan super-ironically on and off the bottle during the band's career, the bands sound and purpose was constantly changing. While some say their music suffered a great deal as a result, I do enjoy seeing a band grow. Agreed, the power and passion in their first three albums probably won't be matched, it is interesting to see what the guys will release and be proud to call their own.

Celtic Punk was once the phrase used to explain to me what The Pogues were like, but I would say they're more Prog-Folk, you know? I'm just kidding, I actually have no idea what's going on...

Here's your song (it's about Tuesdays!!!) and also that video of Colin Meloy.
MP3: The Pogues - "Tuesday Morning"

Buy one of Colin Meloy's favorite albums: Insound
Buy more music from the always amazing Pogues: Amazon | iTunes

Here are some classics:
Bonus MP3: The Pogues - "If I Should Fall From Grace With God"
Bonus MP3: The Pogues - "Streams of Whiskey"

speaking of the Irish... have you seen The Departed yet? If not... you're missin out, I tell ya!

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