Song of the Day - 10/18/06

As you know, Jeremy Enigk's newest album just came out last year. Everyone who has heard it doesn't seem to think it lives up to Enigk's previous work, but I'm definitely digging it.

I really hadn't heard much of him before yesterday, but this album, if not an all-around good album, is at least great on a rainy day. Full of contemplative songs and winding vocals, Enigk has talent. The only complaint I can really come up with is the repetition. A lot of the album focuses on similar themes and the flow between songs will make you wonder if there actually are ten tracks or if it's just one long poem courtesy of this former member of Sunny Day Real Estate.

Jeremy Enigk was the lead singer of the (awesome) band that eventually made up The Foo Fighters. He isn't a joke. Although this album is clearly more mainstream than the previous, it is important not to discredit Enigk. If you like solemn, mellow melodies a la The Perishers, David Bowie or Nick Drake, or driven music such as Coldplay, Damien Rice or Oasis, you should give Jeremy Enigk a try.

MP3: Jeremy Enigk - "Canons"
MP3: Jeremy Enigk - "River to the Sea"

Buy Jeremy Enigk's World Waits: Amazon | iTunes

Bonus MP3: Jeremy Enigk - "Dare a Smile"

If you like what you're hearing, then take a trip over to AOL's The Interface and hear a really great and intimate session from Mr. Enigk. Enjoy!

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