Pas/Cal - Dear Sir EP

Song of the Day - 10/11/06Honestly, this was definitely the first time I thought I had the drop on an album no one has posted... but I was beaten to the punch by a most worthy adversary. lol. But seriously... how do you do it, guys?

I recieved the new Pas/Cal EP a little while ago and could not be happier with what I'm hearing. It's casual pop with strains of experimentation littered all over. You're almost expecting some breakdown like an Apples in Stereo song... but better. This is FEEL GOOD music, my favorite music.

These guys have an amazingly tight sound. I've listened to the EP quite thoroughly the past few days... and they are in contention for my favorite EP of this year. So put this on your headphones and take a little walk... it's just right.

MP3: Pas/Cal - "Little Red Radio" from Dear Sir EP

Preorder Dear Sir EP: Pas/Cal Website

Read You Ain't No Picasso's Pas/Cal post and hear more from the Dear Sir EP.

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  1. # Blogger Brendan

    Pas/Cal is so good.  

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