Ben Folds - Ben Folds Live

***If you download, only do it if you have the album already or are at Sam Goody (or FYE, i guess) buying the album. Don't steal from Ben... he's much better than you... you stealing bitch. I FUCKING HATE YOU!***
I'm going to see Ben Folds play live this weekend and since somebody already asked me for this file I thought I would give you all a great album, Ben Folds Live.
Ben Folds Live is a stellar exception to the rule that live albums are contractually obliged stocking fillers. Folds is at his best on stage with only a grand piano for company. He is a compelling showman who's blessed with an unforced charm that complements the anger and melancholy that informs most of his songs: the self-lacerating "Army" loses nothing by having a hall of people bellowing the saxophone and trumpet parts as Folds conducts them. The material here spans Folds' work with the three-piece Ben Folds Five as well as 2001's excellent solo debut. The readings of "Fred Jones," "The Luckiest," and "Brick" display an immediacy and intimacy that transcend the recorded versions. A couple of worthwhile curiosities--a minor chord rearrangement of "Song for the Dumped" and a faithful, affecting version of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" round out the offerings. This is an impeccable document of a superior performer at work. --Andrew Mueller
Ben Folds - "Ben Folds Live"

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