Ben Folds Pics and Video

Here are some pictures and videos from the show.

Here's Ben Folds' Name in LetterBoard Glory.

Me and the singer from The Fray

Ben Folds Comes on Stage

Ben Folds waving his arm for some reason.

The Best Close Up I Could Get.

Ben Soloing

Lighters Up

Me and Jared Reynolds

The Setlist

Jared's and Lindsay's signature (Note that Lindsay actually drew a penis... I think.

Ben Folds - "Jesusland Radio Version"

Ben Folds - "Tony Bego: Rookie of the Year 1984"

So there it is... note that I didn't take the video, but the sound is good, except for that guy laughing... he sounds so dumb and stupid.

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  1. # Blogger Daniel

    if you go to, go to file dump-->solo tracks, they have the jesusland radio single as well as "straight off the cover of the NYT" from your concert.
    I saw Ben two days later in NYC and it was awesome. I wish I could get an audio version of "Tony Bego" though. He played it in NY and I enver heard about it again.  

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