All right, so here it is.
At about 720 some lady opened up, she was alright, but then she went on some rant about breast cancer and there was this really awkward vibe in the room (sorry if I just offended anyone).

The Fray kicked a whole lot of ass. For an up and coming band they really surprised me with their stage presence. It was awesome. After they finished I met the lead singer when he walked past me in the aisle... it was pretty sweet.

Everything died down for a while and then all of a sudden the Overture for Jesus Christ Superstar came on and the place went dark! Then Ben and the guys came on similing and ready to go.

With The Band
1. Bastard - solid.
2. Gone - surprised that he played it so soon, but great nonetheless
3. Annie Waits - he played three songs in a row without saying anything but thanks and thats cool with me, but it seemed like he wasnt into it.
4. Trusted - Still another song in succession and it seemed like he just wanted to play until the next song.
5. Jesusland - An amazing song.
6. Jesusland Radio Version - Ben explained that the reason Jesusland wasn't released as a single was because it didnt sound good enough for the radio. He asked the crowd how they feel about this new version which was a funny mix of rock and such. It was awesome when he just yelled "JEEEEEEESUS!... land...OW!!!!"
7. All U Can Eat - things began to pick up and the crowd could definitely feel it... the usual Ben Folds Adrenaline Rush.
8. Still Fighting It
9. You To Thank
10. Tony Bego: Rookie of the Year 1994 - I guess this one time they were playing in a school gym and they saw a plaque for "Tony Bego" who was the RotY in 94. Ben just made up the words as was evident by the line "Da da da da, Making up the fuckin words."
11. Straight Off the Front of the New York Times - The words were supposedly taken straight from the news. There were some funny lines about Bush and such and then a sweet chorus/bridge thing.
12. Insult Song - He just swore a bunch and played some sweet music. It is important to note that all these were just random parts of unfinished songs, but soooo awesome.
With The Band 2
13. Landed
14. In Between Days
15. Bitches Ain't Shit - It was funny when the entire crowd just yelled "BITCHES AINT SHIT" in the very beginning. He stopped and explained what a "family song" it was or something.
16. The Luckiest - I guess some couple just got married backstage and asked him to play the song. It was really emotional and super quiet in the Orpheum. I loved it. Greatest Love Song Ever. He mentioned the terrible set flow, lol.
17. DCYP - Simply awesome. Just as good solo.
18. Lullabye - He continued with a great set of love songs.
19. Brick - I don't know why people dont like that he plays this song, it was great and only made me realize why it was so great. Some kid in a balcony was yelling shit out at the quiet parts, but whatever. Great song. I'm happy he played it.
20. Last Polka
Back with the band
21. Army
22. Where's Summer B? - AWESOME!!! Right before this Ben told a story of how this guy (kept saying that it wasnt him... which leads me to believe that is WAS him, lol) was playing top 40 songs on a cruise ship once upon a time and the top of his stool fell off leaving a 3 inch long rod of cold steel. When "this guy" sat down again it went right up in there! LOL! Ben just burst out laughing at this point and thats when Lindsay and Jared began to play.
23. The Ascent of Stan - Right before this song some management guy came ONTO the stage to tell ben to "wrap it up" because Boston has a motherfucking curfue. Ben was a little sad because of this but agreed... i got sad. Ben said there was no time to talk anymore and just got to it.
24. Narcolepsy
25. Zak and Sara
26. OAD

All and all and awesome show. I talked to Jared and Lindsay after the show (No ben in sight, however) and they said that they were planning on playing something close to 40 songs, but got cut off. I guess that they love Boston and the Orpheum is one of their favorite new venues! They signed the very setlist that I wrote! well, jared signed it, lindsay drew some sort of smiley penis thing... im not too sure. They were a great bunch to see again and they remembered me from SUMMERFEST, which was awesome. Jared told me that the new album is going to be sick and they all put work into it along with Ben. He shared some tips of getting into the music industry with me and even texted me his email address later! Great show, too bad it couldnt go longer! The exception of Suburbs and Not the Same was sad because I was with some newbies and that is definitely a sight to see.

I guess that right after I went home, Ben actually showed up... lame!

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey man, was jusT doing a search for ben folds stuff on and ended up here. I am the kid who took the picture of you with Jared. But yea, just sayin' hey. Hope to see you at some shows.

    IM: stststutterinb

    Ben W./NH  

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