Ben Folds LIVE: B-Sides, Singles and Rarities

Here's just a few tracks I grabbed that were performed live and I thought that they are pretty awesome, so I made a Rare Live Mix. Here it is...

1. Smoke (WASO Version)
2. Pirate Joke Song
3. Tony Bago (Boston 11.4)
4. Dicking Around (Boston 11.4)
5. New York Times Song (Boston 11.4)
6. More Dicking Around (Boston 11.4)
7. Roll Out The Barrel and Hardees (Foellinger/UOI)
8. Bass for Rent A Cop (Foellinger/UOI)
9. The Turtle's Song (Madison 3.11)
10. Gracie Rock Version (Warwick)
11. Jesusland Radio Version (Melbourne)
12. Show Us Your Satan (Manchester)
13. Popcorn (Warwick)

Ben Folds - "Live: Rarities"

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