"I paid my money..."

I guess you could call this a rare one...

"Ok. This is Ben Folds (alone), not Ben Folds Five. As many of your probably know the band has broken up. However, at least for me, I know Ben Folds will continue to make great music. I believe this to be a highly experimental album on his part, and I know it will open new doors in his own music career as well as make people think about the state of music. Most of this album is spoken word, meaning he is either talking or screaming rather than singing. Maybe you'll see how fine of a line this is after a listen. The most popular song here must be In Love, this song features William Shatner, and honestly makes me wonder why he has not ever made music on a greater level. I know that this music is easy going and fun, but it is still real music. It's not a joke, and I love that about it.Ok, so my favorites must be Fear of Pop, I Paid My Money, and In Love, but the entire album is spectacular. If you go for it, you'll need an open mind, but I think you'll get some really enjoyment out of it. Give it a shot."

Ben Folds - "Fear of Pop Vol. 1"

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