Backbeat, the word is on the street...

...that there are Wonderwall covers! Here are four very different interpretations of the Oasis hit:
(Here is the original...just in case you haven't heard it when you were living under a rock)

Cat Power - "The Moody Folk Wonderwall"
Paul Anka - "The Jazzy Lounge Wonderwall"
Ryan Adams - "The Over-Dramatic Atmospheric Wonderwall"
Soma - "The Basic Cover of Wonderwall"

And here's an added bonus...

Oasis - Wonderwall (Video)

2 Responses to “Backbeat, the word is on the street...”

  1. # Anonymous Andrew

    you don't happen to have Paul Anka's version of Eye of the Tiger?  

  2. # Blogger bestimitationofmyself

    Unfortunately no...but that does sound like it would be a very interesting rendition. I'll try looking for it.  

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