Song of the Day - 4/11/06

Sorry for two rap songs in a row... don't get used to it. I'm just getting a little psyched for next week's Kanye concert at Boston College... btw thanks to Sam and Judd for the tix.

Despite how you feel about Kanye West (or just this picture <---), you must admit that his production skills are among the best in the business. Kanye West is one of the most prolific artists of our generation and has collaborated with everyone from superstars such as Jay-Z all the way to John Mayer. Many people believe that Kanye is too cocky or too selfish, but I certainly do not give a fuck. Kanye West has completely reshaped the rap industry and has revived the self-concious and socially aware rap attitude that was lost in recent years. By promoting true modern hip-hop greats such as Talib Kweli and MF Doom, Mr. West has a mind to change the way people think about rap music. So if you want to listen to one ridiculously overhyped artist today, get your money's worth by returning that dumb Arctic Monkeys CD (if you're a teenage girl then maybe you bought the Teddy Geiger shit instead) and buy something by Kanye West... and if you only trust the reviews in Blender (fucking Arctic Monkeys...) then theres a pretty good one about Kanye as well.

Song of the day is one off of Kanye's unreleased mix tape, The Freshman Adjustment and also appears on import versions of his critically acclaimed Late Registration. It is brilliant.

Kanye West - "Improvise"

2 Responses to “Song of the Day - 4/11/06”

  1. # Blogger Brendan

    you get to see kanye?

    i'm sooooo envious.

    wisconsin sucks, so he stays away from here  

  2. # Anonymous Akhilius Bhatticus

    you listen to me and you listen right... Wisconsin does not suck... and you won't realize it till u leave son... lol. Sure almost everything is better here... but think about how chill the midwest is... much more than out here.... also... i am drunk.  

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