The Thursday Roundup

6 Responses to “The Thursday Roundup”

  1. # Blogger Cameron Deyhle

    just thought, since people who visit this site probably like whole albums posts, visit this site.

    i am wondering if these bands on this site enjoy this free publicity? bands always appreciate when fans help them reach new fans. lets let them know, shall we?  

  2. # Blogger Casey Dorrell

    There's no justification for this, dude.  

  3. # Blogger brownpower

    what? you cant link people? is that a crime now?  

  4. # Blogger brownpower

    casey, i dont know who you are siding with on this, but you havent commented here before, so... welcome!  

  5. # Blogger Brendan

    yes, posting links on your blog is highly illegal.

    line up your lawyers, man.  

  6. # Blogger Casey Dorrell

    Thanks for the welcome, :).

    Just a note:
    Yeah Yeah Yeah, not a band.
    Fever to Reach, not an album.  

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