Song of the Day - 4/13/06

So... needless to say that the concert last night was amazing. It was great to see an amazing show featuring not only the disgustingly talented Ben Gibbard and his crew, but also Franz Ferdidnand. Although Franz definitely played a more high intensity set, DCFC was truly amazing. Rarely hitting a wrong note and loving every second of the show... Gibbard and Co. made me a fan all over again.

The second to final song was an incredible version of "We Looked Like Giants" and it kicked so much ass. Heres the song just so you know... it's almost 9 min long, but it's soooo good. Especially when they brough a second drumset on stage so Gibbard and Nathan Good could light it up with a huge double drum set duet... it was insane.

Death Cab For Cutie - "We Looked Like Giants" (live)

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  1. # Blogger Casey Dorrell

    I just wanted to say that I realize that you were part of the indie connections debate, but unlike there, you have a great site here.

    You already have the template, just drop the full albums and keep posting great posts like your "song of the day" feature.


  2. # Blogger brownpower

    are you being serious, or hating on me? cuz i really cant tell anymore! and people should just drop the whole TiC debate... it's not worth your time or anyone elses.  

  3. # Blogger Casey Dorrell

    I was being sincere.

    You'll seriously get a lot more love from the mp3 blog community if you stick to solid posts like this.  

  4. # Blogger Casey Dorrell

    To clarify.

    What makes this post great is it actually has written content, something people will be interested to read, rather than some copy and paste from amg. And it's something the band would have no problem about being here.

    When you do posts like this, and clearly looking through your site, you do frequently, you'll get a regular readership that's interested in what you have to say (and your mp3s, to be honest) rather than solely getting a full album, and not giving a shit about you.

    Anyhow, you're right. I'm not debating it, I was being sincere and have seen other blogs like this develop into great ones so I thought I'd lend a bit of positivity that's sorely needed through a lot of this name-calling.  

  5. # Blogger brownpower

    well, thanks a lot... that means a great deal to me.  

  6. # Blogger Brendan

    casey, so a paragraph of personal views makes all the difference in the world?
    i mean, i love brownpower, he's my brother from another mother, but he isn't doing anything different from TiC, except that he writes a little personal review and posts mp3's alongside his full albums.

    whatever. i just don't care anymore.

    good luck trying to become the next pitchfork.
    your reviews suck almost as much as theirs.  

  7. # Blogger Jacob

    Saw this show last night in Boston as well, it was fantastic.  

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