Song of the Day - 4/4/06

The Four Hundred: "In the mid 19th century, Ward McAllister remarked, 'There are only 400 people in New York that one really knows,' later popularized in society reports by the New York Sun. The notion 'elite' is said to be from the selection of high society guests by the socialite Mrs. William B. Astor Jr., whose ballroom could hold 400."

From my hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, the Four Hundred is a new project from my good friend Brendan. I don't use this blog to promote my friends, this song is just truly worthy of song of the day status. Despite a few kinks in mixing, this song is a modern orchestra with lyrics that are definitely special. "Fiji" is one of those songs that is going to get stuck in your head. With the tagline "I've been waiting all my life just to tell you yours is a lie," you know something special is going on here.

The Four Hundred - "Fiji"

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  1. # Blogger Brendan

    damn dude, this rocks.
    almost famous. almost.
    i just hope people listen to it and like it. so far we've only heard good, so i guess that's nice.  

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