Steve Burns - "Songs for Dustmites" (Album)

...a.k.a. "The Blues Clues Guy," Steve Burns blew me away. I was skeptical at first, but believe me, this guy is the man.

I could write a post here about how he quit his day job (Blues Clues) one day and wrote a ton of songs after listening to "The Soft Bulletin" (Which is conveniently here on THIS VERY BLOG just a few posts down.) and then got the Flaming Lips to help write and produce this album with him... just to give you some idea about how his music is, but I feel like this excerpt from his website does it better:

"are you dead? i heard you were dead. there was a thing on the internet that said you were dead. did you die of a heroin overdose? how did you die? i heard you were thrown out of a helicopter by sumner redstone. will you come back as a zombie and eat brains? brains! brains! brains! brains! brains! brains!

I am not dead. I do not plan to die until august 24, 2098. My death will take place in the middle of a 96-minute guitar solo that I will perform wearing a robotic exoskeleton. it will be broadcast live from alpha colony via brainwave-cable, as part of vh1's telecast of the monsters of metaphoric science rock reunion tour."

Steve Burns - "Songs for Dustmites"

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