One of the best songs of all time.

Song of the Day - 10/5/06
You could say I've been having a bit of a phase lately. No, it's not some new indie band or anything like that, but rather with dream pop. Dream pop (shoegazing) is best characterized by bands like Low, Luna, Mazzy Star and one of my new favorites, Mercury Rev.

From what I can gather, Mercury Rev was a changing lineup of extremely talented musicians. Consisting of players like Johnathan Donahue, who was The Flaming Lips' original guitarist, Dave Fridmann, producer for the Lips, and Luna's Dean Wareham.

Once again, I have to do a lot more listening to this kind of music, but I leave you with "Car Wash Hair," a bonus track from a reissue of the band's first album, Yerself Is Steam. The story is that Dave Fridmann spent all the band's advance money on a vacation for his mother just before he left the band. Wareham jumped in the studio and helped throw down this: one of the best songs I've ever heard, I'm sure... and I can't put my finger on just why I am addicted to it. Please listen:

MP3: Mercury Rev - "Car Wash Hair" (Highly Recommended)

Support the artists of dream pop.

Bonus MP3: Luna - "California (All The Way) (recommended)
Bonus MP3: Low - "Weight of Water" (recommended)
Bonus MP3: Mazzy Star - "Flowers In December" (recommended)

Again, I'm just as new to this kind of stuff as a lot of you, so any input would be totally appreciated.

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  1. # Blogger bulut

    Especially,Luna's california is really great song.I agree with you,keep alive
    dream pop.Don't forget bands like opal,sundays,mazzystar,mojave 3,jesus & mary chain,ridelush and moose.  

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