Song of the Day - 10/3/06

Well... last night's Built To Spill concert was surely amazing. DOTY was there with me. They had it all... and beards... totally awesome beards. I pretty much lost it entirely when they started to play an extended version of "Conventional Wisdom." In the background were paintings from Portland artist Mike Scheer and they were definitely the dark, disturbing icing on the cake. Built to Spill is still underrated, in my opinion. If you don't listen to them, do yourself a favor, please.

MP3: Built to Spill - "Conventional Wisdom"

Buy Built to Spill's music: Amazon | iTunes

Bonus MP3: Built to Spill - "Carry the Zero"
Bonus MP3: Built to Spill - "The Plan"

Another awesome thing that these guys did was a cover of a great protest song by The Gladiators entitled, "Re-arrange." I almost forgot about seeing them do it at Lollapalooza. Check out the video and download the mp3. (Check out the video in the background)
MP3: Built to Spill - "Re-arrange" (The Gladiators cover) LIVE

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