Can Joann

Can Joann is a band that you should check out. After self-releasing an EP in 2005, they're all ready to go with a brand new album entitled Hurt People Hurt People. They are currently working on getting a tour together, but they will be playing in the Durham Music Festival (October 18 - 21st, with The Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, The Rosebuds, and Portastatic. We recommned listening to them and if you like what you hear, then you tell us by leaving comments or tell them at

The song "After the Seizure's Gone" has been playing in the JP office all day. You can listen to more MP3s at their website.

MP3: Can Joann - Indecision's Way
MP3: Can Joann - After the Seizure's Gone (recommended)
MP3: Can Joann - Lady Luck

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