Song of the (Mon)Day - 10/2/06

I've been wanting to post this every Monday for a long time, but I always forget.

1. MP3: Jon Brion - "Later Monday" - let this one be your theme song today. From Jon Brion's amazing work on the I Heart Huckabees soundtrack, this song is perfect for a pleasant Monday and really comes together in the last lines of the song, "Nothingness... somethingness... nothingness..." Just like Monday.

2. MP3: Damien Rice - "Moody Monday" - yeah... I like Damien Rice... This song is totally chill. With Mr. Rice playing through solo's and crying out in the background in signature style, this b-side is another great song to get your Monday going. Take a listen and enjoy.

3. MP3: New Radicals - "Crying Like Church on a Monday" - it's no secret that I love New Radicals. You may remember them from their single hit, "Get What You Give," but their album, Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too, is definitely a worthy listen. Keep a lookout for a big New Radicals post in the future.

4. MP3: Wilco - "Monday" - this CCR-influenced romp from the first disc of Being There is just an awesome song. Tweedy shouts "Monday! I'm all high!" throughout the song, reminding us of what Mondays are really for.

Have a good monday.

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