Ben Folds

The following posts contain most of the Ben Folds I have ever heard and felt worthy of being distributed. BUT REMEMBER: If you want to keep these tracks, you have to buy the albums (unless they were unreleased, i guess...) just out of respect for the great musicians mentioned here. Ben Folds is a god... 'nuff said. Enjoy it people, you deserve it.

ALSO REMEMBER, in order to keep this stuff up, it has to be downloaded at least once every 30 days (for rapidshare links and megaupload links) so help me out, i would hate to have to download these over and over every month.

Love Ben, he is the greatest person alive.

(also, i'll put up all the Ben Folds videos too if i get enough attention here. PEACE)
Heres a list for anyone who wants them from me, just IM me or say something on the .ORG.
1. Letterman 6-23
2. Austin City Limits
3. Bass Rock Out in Milwaukee [Courtesy of Natiest]
4. Bastard Video
5. The Hannon Show
6. MTV About The Bens
7. MTV Movie Awards (Ben Wrote It)
8. Rock This Bitch #75
9. Songs For Silverman Interview
10. Space Ghost Cameo
11. Summerstage DVD (AWESOME)
12. Wrecking an Old Piano Story
13. VH1 Before They Were Stars (BF5)
14. Potty Mouth Video (BF5)
15. Love Monkey Cameo

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  1. # Anonymous megan

    i would love to watch these videos, anyway you can send them to me??? i would love you forever. megan.daniel[AT]  

  2. # Anonymous damian

    as megan, i would love whatch the videos :) it would be awesome if u can send me the rapidshare link...plz...  

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