[Req] OK Go - Oh No (Album)

To be completely honest, I requested this album to someone else and then got it from another person and then the person who I originally sent the request to replied, "Yes." when I asked him if he even wanted the album... but thats pretty much the definition or "Request," right?

The anxious and modern children of indie rock and new wave, OK Go will always have something you can love. In 2002 it was a squelchy, three-minute summation of what made the Pixies great called "Get Over It." Three years later it's a savvy batch of songs that are probably too calculated for their own good -- perfectly arranged like those natty suits the quartet wears in Oh No's photos -- but too prickly with excitement to really ignore. As tense and bursting as it is hooky and efficient, "Do What You Want" sounds a lot like the Hives. But it could also be a sly and modern Escape Club. This continues with "Here It Goes Again" and "Good Idea at the Time," songs that cut too jaggedly to be opportunistic revivalism but still whir with new wave's wiggy energy. Fans of OK Go's first album will love "No Sign of Life" and the weirder "Oh Lately It's So Quiet," while "Crash the Party"'s 1000-watt tingle is more the speed of Oh No. Sometimes that speed does seem factory-set, though. "Million Ways" is where the album's calculated feel really surfaces. Its modified disco swagger and three-note guitar lead is so perfect for 21st century modern rock, so edgy and hooky all at the same time. (Keep in mind: Franz Ferdinand producer Tore Johansson also handled the boards for Oh No.) "Television, Television" too, with its trash culture referential lyrics and hyper rhythms, winks with a knowing sense. But what are you going to do? OK Go has written an album that coats its incredibly accessible nuts and bolts with an effervescent rocket sauce, and that's just the way it is. It's got that unique zing, the one that says "modern rock sensation!" on the label.

Ok Go - "Oh No" (Album)

Because I love Ok Go, here is some great Ok Go footage...

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