Song of the Day - 4/30/06

AudioInformationPhenomemon label head Marc Bianchi began the electronic-based space pop project Her Space Holiday mostly as a bedroom endeavor in 1996, after departing the hardcore scene. (He'd played in bands like Indian Summer and Calm). Releases during that formative period included the "Audio Astronomy" 12", Astronauts are Sleeping, and the Something Blue EP. Then Her Space Holiday moved to Tiger Style for the 2000 full-length Home is Where You Hang Yourself, and the well-received effort led to touring and remix offers. After a 2001 move from San Francisco to Austin, Texas Bianchi and his girlfriend/collaborator Keely issued the Manic Expressive LP, and followed that with 2003's Young Machines (Mush). The Young Machines remix project appeared soon after, with work from notables like Matmos, Super Furry Animals, and Stereolab. Her Space Holiday's Past Presents the Future LP was slated for September 2005.

Today's song features the beauty of strings. Incorporating an orchestra into new music is no easy task. It's one thing to just put strings on a track, but it is a true feat to make the track feel like it was meant to have strings. Her Space Holiday takes song of the day out of sheer beauty. If you are a fan, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't know the band, then you are sure to be a fan.

Her Space Holiday - Tech Romance

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  1. # Blogger VinCenT

    I love HSH. I'm excited for the new band he is dong...something panda...can't remember at the moment.  

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