Dexter Freebish - "A Life of Saturdays"

Bio: Dexter Freebish is the alternative pop/rock quintet unafraid of the pop inclinations. Hailing from Texas, they have been molding their crafty pop sound since the late '90s around their love for artists such as the Beatles, U2, Jimi Hendrix, the Verve, and Neil Diamond. It was only a matter of time that these inspiring musicians -- Kyle (frontman), Scott Romig (guitar), Charles Martin (guitar), Chris Lowe (bass), and Rob Schilz (drums) -- would come together and form Dexter Freebish. They were signed to Capitol in March 1999, and later won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the Song of the Year with their single "Leaving Town." In September 2000, Dexter Freebish issued their debut album A Life of Saturdays. ~AMG

While not always as lyrically compelling as John Lennon, the guys of Dexter Freebish deliver a quality record with many treasures to be discovered. Although they were not as victorious in later attempts (Dexter Freebish - Tripped into Divine [2004]) their debut is as strong as any competitor. The true strength of A Life of Saturdays lies in the hooks; they flow smoothly and with a lighthearted sort of conviction that makes Saturdays a fun adventure in pop rock. If you are a fan of Matchbox 20, Harvey Danger, Collective Soul or Third Eye Blind... you will surely enjoy Dexter Freebish.

AMG Score: 4/5 and an Album Pick

Dexter Freebish - "A Life of Saturdays"

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