Emiliana Torrini - "Fisherman's Woman"

It's just one of those days... Sitting and trying to write a paper and my iTunes shuffles onto this album... everything stops for a second. The strangely beautiful voice of Emiliana Torrini lets you drown in its thick, raspy glow. Similar to Neko Case, Hope Sandoval (of Mazzy Star) or Norah Jones, Torrini's voice leaks into your subconscious with an ebb and flow that forces the listener into her rhythm. For its style, Fisherman's Woman rarely has a weak moment. The opening track, "Nothing Brings Me Down" begins solemn and repeats pastel imagery all the while trancing you into her beautifully layered voice and simple guitar riff. The album builds slightly and one can imagine the oceanic concept of the whole album. The song "Lifesaver" is a tribute to a boat and its counterpart in the sea.

Torrini doesn't ever have to deal with the issue of making her music too busy either. Her detailed attention to each aspect of her music is noticeable in each song. She never does more than she has to and is rewarded for it. The climax of the album, in my opinion, lands on the eighth track, "Heartstopper." Poppy and smart, the song is a picture and story slowly told by virtue of the events of her amazingly plain day.

The thing about Emiliana Torrini that makes her stand out is her ability to tell a story. It is a lost art to be able to make a song a journey, so to make an album sincerely move you through the full gamut of emotions is rare. Enjoy Emiliana Torrini, she is a true gem.

Emiliana Torrini - "Fisherman's Woman" (Album) LINK PULLED! SORRY!

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