Song of the Day - 4/24/06

Unlike most musicians, Jeff Tucker wasnt one of those bright-eyed kids who begged his parents for guitar lessons at age 3. He didnt sing along to Queen in front of a mirror, using a shampoo bottle as a microphone, at age 12. He didnt star as Teyve in his high schools production of Grease. His family didnt urge him to follow his dreams of being a rock star. Because he didnt have any. Instead, Jeff Tucker, now lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for Los Angeles-based alt-rock quintet Rock Kills Kid, was a socially withdrawn, barely employed, directionless 19 year old. Writing songs saved him. You can hear it all over the 11 jagged tracks he wrote for Rock Kills Kids debut Are You Nervous. The albums emotional tension recalls some of the most angst-filled recordings of the late 70s and 80s by U2, The Cure, Joy Division and The Smiths.
Because you say,
don't mean you mean it,

Run away to find a home,

Now i'll let you in,
yeah, i'll let you in.
Rock Kills Kid tells a pretty interesting story with not so many words. It is interesting to analyze a song like this because it is unexpected... and usually fruitless. RKK, however, has a certain appeal, not truly outstanding, but special. Try the Song of the Day and tell me what you think.

Rock Kills Kid - "Hide Away"

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