Song of the Day - 4/26/06

Martin Gustafson (keyboards/backing vocals), The alternative rock outfit the Perishers includes Ola Klüft (vocals/guitar), Pehr Åström (bass), and Thomas Hedlund (drums). Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, the Perishers formed in 1997. They played shows in their hometown until signing a recording contract with the local Swedish imprint North of No South in 2001. The band's debut album, From Nothing to One, was issued the next year. Tour dates across select areas of Scandinavia and Taiwan also coincided with its release. Let There Be Morning, the Perishers' second album overall and their North American debut on Nettwerk, appeared in spring 2005.

Some people might know The Perishers for the song "Golden Brown" on the soundtrack to Snatch (a great movie/music moment) or from the OC Soundtrack, but there is more fun to be have with those Sweedes (holler to Nyman). Check out this slower track from their latest album. It's the opening track to 2005's Let There Be Morning.

The Perishers - "Weekends"

and just cause I'm feeling generous, here's another great track from the album. Just tell me if you guys like what you hear, got it?

The Perishers - "Trouble Sleeping" This is definitely one of my favorites... a little like a Travis song.

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  1. # Anonymous Patrick

    Perishers are a great band. I saw them open for Aqualung a few months back and was completely floored by this unknown band. You should also add their live "Pills" duet with Sarah McLachlan. I'm not a big McLachlan fan but Ola's voice harmonizes beautifully with hers. Free MP3 here:  

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