The Walkmen - "Bows + Arrows"

The Walkmen... unfortunately, I was turned onto this band because of everyones musical guilty pleasure, The O.C. In an episode themed about going to a Walkmen concert. I thought to myself, "If this is the kinda stuff on the show... they must really know their shit..." and they do... don't kid yourself.

The members of the group all grew up together in Washington D.C. where they formed the band Johnny Fire Eater. After disbanding, they formed the Walkmen (a.k.a. Today Okay) and began a musical journey that would last for almost 8 years.

Bows + Arrows is a great album, and should be heard in that aspect. Independently, The Walkmen have many winners among the tracks, but as a whole, Bows + Arrows is fantastic. From the first track to the last, The Walkmen keep you in their world of fierce grooves and powerful pop-rock attitude. The boys use a variety of vintage equipment from ancient Les Pauls to '70's multi-track mixers, the result? An honest and fun record. The second studio attempy by the Walkmen is a success to say the least. With a sound like The Pixies or Arcade Fire, The Walkmen manage to produce a fantastic album with Bows + Arrows.

The Walkmen - "Bows + Arrows" (Album)

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