Fourteen on Four-Twenty!

Today is a special day, as we all know. So let's celebrate! I put together a mix of my 14 4/20 songs this year, check it out:

1. Ziggy Marley - One Good Spliff
2. Slightly Stoopid - This Joint
3. Rick James - Mary Jane
4. Michael Franti - Ganja Babe
5. Wyclef Jean - Something About Mary
6. Madvillain - America's Most Blunted
7. Sublime - Smoke Two Joints
8. The Beatles - Doctor Robert
9. Devendra Banhart - Mama Wolf
10. Ugly Cassanova - Things I Don't Remember
11. Ed Harcourt - Only Happy When We're High
12. Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women
13. Modest Mouse - Good Times Are Killing Me
14. The Doobie Brothers - China Grove

Check out the 14on4Twenty Playlist HERE!

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