BRAND NEW John Mayer? Yes, please!

Now, I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here, so stay with me:

When we first heard John Mayer, we were intrigued, but passed it off quickly... and why wouldn't we? He sounded like another new, woman-pleasing, pop-fabrication that was "gracing" MTV, VH1 and others with his presence. Time passed and he continued to release albums, but we didn't care. By 2003, he had 3 albums, a DVD and a slew of singles... slowly a cult following had formed and countless bootlegs appeared. But I surely didn't notice... I mean, "Daughters?" C'mon. Finally, last year, John Mayer formed a band with Steve Jordan (of the Blues Brothers) and bass virtuoso Pino Palladino. I asked myself why such great artists were wasting their time... there had to be something behind it. Try! hooked me in about ten minutes. John Mayer was not a poppy boy-wonder product of some record label... he was amazing. Flying in and out of brilliant solos and vibing almost the entire hour... brilliant. In the following weeks I went back and listened to John Mayer and compromised on what I had been denying all along, John Mayer was good... really good.
In my opinion, besides Try! his album Heavier Things (2003) was his best effort. John Mayer is catchy, smart and easily one of the best living guitarists. Given honors by all of the greats (Clapton, Buddy Guy, Springsteen, Dylan, Herbie Hancock, Dave Matthews, Kanye West and the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn) and selling out shows at some of the most prestigious venues (House of Blues, Streetcorner Symphony, Carnegie Hall, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, CMT Crossover and even the Crossroads Music Festival), John Mayer shouldn't be thought of the way he came in, because he will be the best when he leaves.

John Mayer Trio - "Try!"

On April 10, 2006, John Mayer went unannounced to a hotel cafe and played 12 tracks, many of which are brand spanking new. This is an EXCELLENT bootleg and should be heard by all. He's got a great sense of where he is as an artist and for someone to go out and just play all new songs (many of them only half written) is great. Check it out!

John Mayer - "Live (Hotel Cafe) 4/10/06"

...and if you feel unfulfilled, then deal with it. As John Mayer said at the end of the 9th track on this bootleg, "It's like getting a blowjob from Jessica Alba and then saying 'Well... that was a bit toothy." Get over it... John Mayer is awesome.

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