John Vanderslice FULL ALBUMS!

What's awesome about John Vanderslice? Everything.

Maybe it's because he doesn't feel the need to impress anyone. Maybe it's because he thinks it's funny to play pranks on the media, like when he called out Bill Gates for no reason just to start some commotion with the press... Maybe... it's because he gives his albums away online FOR FREE! A simple trip to the John Vanderslice webpage contains links to a dedicated server with tons of mp3's of his and even some of his full albums. See, unlike so many others, Vanderslice believes that music is something to be shared, not priced and sold in a nice package... and it shows in his music. Although some of his albums can be bought, about half are available for free, and that is awesome. Vanderslice wants you to hear his musical progression exactly while it's happening.

Enjoy these albums by John Vanderslice... you know he wants you to.

John Vanderslice - Mass Suicide Occult Figurines

John Vanderslice - InSound Tour Support EP

John Vanderslice - MGM Endings

John Vanderslice - Pixel Revolt

John Vanderslice - B-Sides and Rarities

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